DI System FAQ's

FAQ's about DI Systems in comparison to RO systems



The Wash-iT DI INDUSTRIAL Pure Water System for Window Cleaners is the most practical Pure Water System available.


The Wash-iT has the following features :


TDS ʻ000ʼ Purifies water to Zero TDS without losing Tap Pressure


TDS VARIABLE Operator can decide the TDS of Output Water -                                            Saves Resin Cost


FILTER CHANGE 10” Filters changed in seconds, DI Filter in minutes –                              Saves Your Time


COMPACT DESIGN Strong Box Design, Minimum Footprint (45x45) –                                 Saves Your Space


LIGHT WEIGHT (only 20kg) This is a big Health and Safety benefit –                                   Saves Your Back


INDUSTRIAL PARTS All our filters meet Water Purification Industry

Standards and are available at all Water Purification Retailers -                                         Saves Filters Cost

Other Manufacturers have proprietary filters that are overpriced.


LOW START-UP COST  - Under $1000 !                                                                                    Saves Your Money






DI Filter :  removes Minerals by Ionic Attraction.


Q Explain Ionic Attraction ?


A H2O is two (1+) positively charged Hydrogen Molecules ionically attracted to one (2-) Oxygen molecule.  Minerals attach themselves to the water based on their ionic charge. For example, a Sodium molecule is (1+) and attaches itself weakly to the Oxygen molecule.  DI Resins are super-charged beads with half (+) charged and half (–) charged.  As the water passes slowly through the resin beads in the filter, the minerals are attracted to the super-charged of the resins, and ‘jump off’ the water molecules.  As a result, the water leaves the DI Filter ‘PURE’, with no Total Dissolved Solids (TDS ‘000’) – SPOT-FREE WATER !


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