When windows are really clean

They bring the outside in.

If you are cleaning only a few windows, like your home,  you can ‘pre-wash’ them with tap water, and polish them with a spot-free rinse …


Yes You Can !   Clean your own windows like a professional using the same technology that  keeps window cleaners safe on the ground.


There are chapters of life where saving money is necessary - and then others where we employ professionals to do the things that help us enjoy our weekends.  If you are in the DIY Chapter, this is a brand new way to save money at home.

USD $299


Tech Specs

Compact Height

5ft 6" (1.6m)

Max Length

20ft (6.1m)

Equivalent in Stories

2 Stories

Pole Composition

100% Fiberglass

Include Brush and Tube

Reach-iT Brush EZY

& 30ft RHINO-Tube

Am I replacing my Professional

Window Cleaning Company ?

NO ! Not at all ! ... Professional Window Cleaners accept all sorts of risk as part of their role to keep buildings clean. During the DIY Chapter of Life, we mow our lawns, clean our homes, some of us even clean our carpets!  There are Tool Hire businesses and Home Improvement companies alongside professional service providers in every industry.  The only difference is that NOW, you can clean your windows SAFELY, without taking the risk of a catastrophic fall injury.

What Is It Like To Clean Your Own Windows

The benefits of cleaning

your own windows

Save Money

Clean Windows All Year Round

It's as Easy and as Safe as Vacuuming

We thought we would have some fun making an INFOMERCIAL for this Kit

and it was really fun .. check out this video and see the potential of this kit to SAVE YOU MONEY !

When to clean your

own windows?

You Love Clean Windows

You Want To Save Money

You Have The Time To Do It Yourself

If you can vacuum your floors,

you can clean windows.

Cleaning your home windows with a HOME OWNERS Water Fed Pole System is as easy as vacuuming your floor  - you pass the brush over the whole window surface, and it's clean.  If you miss a bit, you will leave a mark - if you go back and 'touch up', you will have a clean surface.  The bristles of the brush disturb the dirt on your window into the water flow, and the jet-stream sprays spot-free water above the bristles to rinse  the window clean.  When the water dries, your windows are sparkling clean.

How do you clean with a water fed pole ?

It's as easy as it looks.

Step 1: Agitate Dirt on Window Into Solution

First, wet the window completely.

Wet the window completely using overlapping top-to-bottom strokes.

Scrub the window again.


Scrub window again in the other direction, using overlapping top-to-bottom strokes.

If necessary, scrub the top and bottom edges with side-to-side full width strokes.

Scrub the Top and Bottom.

Step 2: Rinse Dirty Water Off Window

Use the horizontal rinse pattern.

Based on the rinse depth ( explained in detail later ) you observe from the pencil jets, systematically rinse the window with a horizontal zig-zag rinse pattern.


Rinse faster with a greater rinse depth.

In this case, with a greater rinse depth, you can increase your rinse efficiency by using a greater distance between your rinse lines, without compromising the final result.

Use Fan Jets for Hydrophobic Glass.

For Hydrophobic glass, use your fan jets at 60º to get a more reliable rinse coverage.

The rinse depth can be observed by the fan jet shape on the glass.

If you want a perfect result ...

We call it Rinse, You'll call it Magic !

Pure water is what the professionals use. It works perfect every time no matter where you live.


Cleaning windows with a Window Cleaning Pole with the Rinse Magic Pure Water System gets a perfect result every time.


When you run your water through the Rinse Magic, it becomes Pure Water.


When water is Pure it is just H2o, there are no other minerals or sediment in it. It becomes like a magnet for dirt or anything that was on your window.


You then rinse the dirty water off the window and leave the Pure water on, the window dries spot free.

Like the last rinse in a car wash.

Or you could just

Use Tap Water

Tap water can be a great option if you live in an area where your water's TDS is under 60ppm.

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