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Owning a 100% carbon fiber water fed pole has real advantages when it comes to reaching over horizontal obstacles.


The Heavy Duty Gooseneck (HDG) Pack gives your

Reach-iT PRO or MINI more options than any other pole in the market.

Heavy Duty Gooseneck Pack

Available from your


USD $229



Your HDG pack includes 4 different gooseneck angles (95º, 110º, 125º, and 140º) enable you to get the brush 'square' on the glass regardless of the different architectural challenges that you face.  This includes situations for solar panel cleaning, skylight cleaning, and cleaning levels 5, 6 and 7.


Your HDG Pack includes 3 different Horizontal Reach lengths - 12", 18" and 24" to reach recessed windows, over sunshades, and obstructions.


What is REALLY amazing is the ability to remove the #1 section of your Reach-iT MINI or PRO and use it as the horizontal reach - giving the MINI a 5 ft horizontal reach and the PRO a 7 ft horizontal reach to get over awnings and to clean glass roofs over entranceways without ever leaving the ground.


To use the HDG, you may need to remove the #1 clamp from your Reach-iT pole during operation (if you need the full Extended length of the Master Pole).  The HDG will slide over the # 1 section. Alternatively, remove the #1 section and insert the adaptor section supplied.


Watch our customer from Gecko Window Cleaning in Sydney, Australia reach windows 18-22ft high, recessed 6 ft behind an structure.


Trent demonstrates how easy it is, using the 125º HDG angle, and the top section of his Reach-iT PRO.

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