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Get straight to work with your Reach-iT Pole using a

1/4 cu ft (6.5 litres) DI TANK Pure Water Filter.

Simply fill and refill this tank with virgin DI Resin - it

costs under $50 to re-load with locally bought resin.

The Professional's Choice

USD $1590

Reach-iT PRO is a high-reach water fed pole system. PRO 1, 2, 3 and 4 compact together telescopically to form the Reach-iT PRO 4 ‘Master’ Pole.


PRO 4 (4storey reach) can be raised to 5 floors (55ft), 6 floors (65ft), and 7 floors (75ft) using 1, 2 or 3 Reach-iT XT’s (our 11ft extensions). We call these solutions Reach-iT PRO 5, PRO 6 and PRO 7.


With Reach-iT PRO, each 2-part telescopic pole sections slide in and out of their telescopic clamps  giving the Operator the ability to choose the best length and weight of pole for the job.  As you clean from the top down, you dis-assemble the pole 2 sections at a time, one storey at a time.


Regardless, whether you are a Sole Operator, or a Multi-Vehicle Business, what makes Reach-iT PRO undisputed as the ‘professionals’ water fed pole’, is the Reach-iT XTs are completely universal and can be used at any time with both Reach-iT MINI and Reach-iT PRO.


What's included:

  1. Reach-iT PRO 4 (includes PRO 3, 2 and 1) made out of HiMod Carbonfiber.
  2. Water Fed Kit (includes Brush, RHINO APEX,  2/4 Jet Switch (SJA), 4 Pencil Jets, Straight Tube Joiner, MicroTap, and 20m of unique RHINO Tube)
  3. End Defenders (fitted to PRO 4, 3, 2 and 1)
  4. Pole-Skin (Protective cover for PRO 4 handle)
  5. Rhino-APEX
  6. Up to 3 Year Warranty with our unique ‘You Care - We Care’ Policy
  7. Free Online Training for our Proven Method of Water Fed Window Cleaning.

iT's so nice to work with

because it has been designed to be.

Reach-iT is designed to be easy to use.

When the majority of your day is spent using a water fed pole,  you deserve a pole that has been designed with your efficiency in mind. The clamps need to be comfortable to use. The sections need to glide smoothly.  The end caps need to be indestructible and the pole needs to be able to handle some bumps and bruises.  Let's face it - it is not always going to be an Owner-Operator caring for the pole.


Read below to see the features we have invented to make your work life better like Stainless Steel end caps that cannot be worn down, Neoprene covers that protect both the Pole, and the Operators' hands, and RHINO Tube that ‘just wants to lie flat’ !


The #1 Rule of business is the 80:20 Rule which, when applied to Water Fed Window Cleaning, means you should use a  pole that has been designed for 80% of your work, and has the ability to be extended to meet the other 20% of your work.  In the case of Reach-iT PRO, it is designed for 80% of your glass being 4 storeys and under.

Reach-iT Built to Last

Fitted with RHINO-Clamps

Reach-iT PRO is easily extended and compacted. This is because of the very easy to use Reach-iT clamps.


Want to learn more about RHINO-Clamps go to:


Tools you can treat tough

Fitted with End Defenders.

Simply Brilliant.

This patent-pending innovation will protect your carbonfibre water fed pole from ever destructing on the ground . No more rubber end-caps or balls that have become a consumable. And the best part is they are fitted to PRO 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 so each exposed section is protected.

Made with High Modulous Carbonfiber

Reach-iT PRO is made out of HiMod Carbonfibre(High Modulus Carbonfibre) which is the strongest form of carbonfibre. If you want to know more about Carbonfibre click here

What makes a Reach-iT a Reach-iT ?

Understanding what makes a great water fed pole.

Learn More

The Pole-Skin is made out of Neoprene -  the same fabric as wet suits. It creates a layer between your hands and the carbonfiber which makes it easy to work with the pole in freezing weather and also in the hot sun.  it will also insulate you from any electrical current as long as the POLE-SKIN is dry.

Pole-skin. It makes the handle feel awesome and insulates the pole.

Reach-iT PRO Pull-Apart

Clean With the Lightest Pole Possible

Compelling Videos

These Are The Reasons Why You Will Love Your Reach-iT Poles.

Get up to 36 Months of Warranty  and free Carbonfiber Insurance

on your Reach-iT poles by completing our online training

on pole maintenance and how to work faster and safer.

plus FREE Carbonfiber Insurance

36 Months Extended Warranty


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