4 Storey


USD $1690


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Reach-iT PRO 4 is a 40ft Water Fed Pole System.  It disassembles at 28ft, 17ft & 6ft for cleaning lower levels.

With PLUS, PRO can be extended to 51ft, 62ft and 73ft, giving the operator a true 7 storey reach.

For Professionals.


USD $1690


6 Things You Get For FREE

What's included:

FREE with every PRO

valued over $350

  1. Reach-iT PRO 4 Master Pole - 40ft, breaking down to 28ft, 17ft & 6ft constructed from 100% Carbonfiber.
  2. End Defenders (fitted to each handle section)
  3. Pole-Skin (Protective cover for PRO 4 handle)
  4. RHINO CLAMPS with TUBERUNNER external tube guides
  5. Rhino-APEX, Hose & Tube Connectors, Pole Maintenance Kit
  6. Up to 3 Year Warranty and 2 Year Insurance with our unique ‘If You Care - We Care’ Policy


  1. 16 inch CONSTRUCTOR Brush ‘ ORIGINAL’  with SIDE 2 SIDE
  2. 60ft RHINO-TUBE
  3. POWER & CONTROL Ergonomic Handles
  4. Reach-iT PRISMS Safety Glasses
  5. ONLINE TRAINING for our Proven Method of Water Fed Window Cleaning


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Over $350 Value - FREE

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With the PLUS Extension System, you can raise the same PRO as high as you want, anywhere up to 7 stories. And in Peak Season you can connect the same PLUS system together to create a separate 4 storey water fed pole. 2 operators can clean your 4 storey jobs at the same time. And when you are on a 7 storey job, just raise the PRO with the PLUS Extensions.


Reach-iT PRO is a high-reach water fed pole system. PRO 1, 2, 3 and 4 compact together telescopically to form the Reach-iT PRO 4 ‘Master’ Pole.


PRO 4 (4storey reach) can be raised to 5 floors (55ft), 6 floors (65ft), and 7 floors (75ft) using 1, 2 or 3 Reach-iT PLUS’s (our 11ft extensions). We call these solutions Reach-iT PRO 5, PRO 6 and PRO 7.


With Reach-iT PRO, each 2-part telescopic pole sections slide in and out of their telescopic clamps  giving the Operator the ability to choose the best length and weight of pole for the job.  As you clean from the top down, you dis-assemble the pole 2 sections at a time, one storey at a time.


Regardless, whether you are a Sole Operator, or a Multi-Vehicle Business, what makes Reach-iT PRO undisputed as the ‘professionals’ water fed pole’, is the Reach-iT PLUS is completely universal and can be used at any time with both Reach-iT MINI and Reach-iT PRO.



Reach-iT PRO has a handle length of 6ft.

Which means the clamps are higher and it takes longer to extend.


As a result, for daily use it is better for commercial work.

iT's so nice to work with

because it has been designed to be.

Reach-iT is designed to be easy to use.

When the majority of your day is spent using a water fed pole,  you deserve a pole that has been designed with your efficiency in mind. The clamps need to be comfortable to use. The sections need to glide smoothly.  The end caps need to be indestructible and the pole needs to be able to handle some bumps and bruises.  Let's face it - it is not always going to be an Owner-Operator caring for the pole.


Read below to see the features we have invented to make your work life better like Stainless Steel end caps that cannot be worn down, Neoprene covers that protect both the Pole, and the Operators' hands, and RHINO Tube that ‘just wants to lie flat’ !


The #1 Rule of business is the 80:20 Rule which, when applied to Water Fed Window Cleaning, means you should use a  pole that has been designed for 80% of your work, and has the ability to be Extended to meet the other 20% of your work.  In the case of Reach-iT PRO, it is designed for 80% of your glass being 4 storeys and under.


Clean faster.

Before CONSTRUCTOR, water fed window cleaning required an Agitation phase, then a Rinse phase.


After CONSTRUCTOR, the two phases become one. And you can customise the bristle & jet configurations.


The key to increased efficiency.

Engineered to maximise a natural ‘liquid’ movement. SIDE 2 SIDE facilitates a free movement of the brush.


Whether to reach over an architectural obstacle, or to effect a fan-rinse, this swivel system makes you faster.


More function than you can imagine.

The clamps on a water fed pole are the most touched component - on every pole extension and contraction.


That’s why we focused on function and ergonomics. For the most function and features, choose RHINO.


It's as simple as 'Add & Subtract'

Every Reach-iT pole is designed to pull apart 1 storey at a time - that's 11ft or 3.3m. Erect your pole to the required reach for the highest window, then pull apart the pole, one storey at a time, all the way to the ground.


For the Control Freak

This unique push-clip system fitted to RHINO Clamps holds your RHINO-TUBE tightly to prevent lateral movement, yet sliding when you extend your pole.


Release it when you pull apart with a quick tug.


It just wants to lie flat.

Engineered intentionally for water fed pole use, RHINO-TUBE is pure PU with memory so strong that it just wants to unravel itself and lie flat.


With both hot water, and frozen, it is a constant.


Its reputation is completely ‘tangle and kink free’.


We've got you covered

Every Reach-iT is 100% carbonfiber  - which also means it will be hot in the sun, cold in the snow, and it will conduct electricity perfectly.


To protect you from all these challenges, we fit each MASTER pole handle with a non-conductive Neoprene skin.


Make your pole indestructible

304 Stainless Steel END DEFENDERS are fitted to each Pole Handle to defend the carbonfiber against wear-and-tear and delamination - forever !


END DEFENDERS are the key to the long life of your investment.  When 80% of the price you pay for a Water Fed Pole is for the telescopic tubes, they are worth defending !

100% Carbon Fiber

Engineered to be the strongest.

Layers 1 to 6 are High Modulus Uni-directional Carbon Fiber.

Layer 7 is High Modulus Omni-directional Carbon Fiber.

Hidden Reach-iT Feature

You don't see it, until you need it.

What we love most about designing these  tools for use by Professionals, is our confidence they will use our poles properly, and they use our poles safely.


With this in mind, we developed a simple course on how to be efficient, and safe, and how to maintain the Reach-iT pole so it lasts 5 or even 10 years.


We call it: If You Care, We Care, Extended Carbonfiber Warranty and Insurance.  If you care to watch our training, sit a test, and register your pole online, we will  underwrite 2 year insurance against breakage*, and extend the warranty to 3 years, on all Reach-iT poles.


It’s probably our greatest feature -  it encompasses all the confidence we have in our design and production.


And yet, it is hidden ... until you need it.

Reach-iT PRO Pull-Apart

Clean With the Lightest Pole Possible

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