"weird question but...

why are you so much easier to talk to than any other water fed pole seller out there?

I looked at this last year and every one from JR to ABC wanted me to learn a foriegn language practically !"


- Ken Raddon wrote to us on our LiveChat



"Wash-iT PRO is really a diy type system - perry just did all the leg work for you. and i'm so impressed with the design. people have been combining those components for years, but his design is so elegant and user friendly. one of the best tools i've ever owned."


- Caleb Wininger wrote on Water fed Pole Talk Facebook Group :



"Hello, I love the reach it poles that I have used when working for other window cleaning companies. Thank you for all your video's have helped me out tremendously."


- Adrianna Boswell



"Sweet. Got it to work the first try. Now I have the best clamps made."


- Randy Mills



" i'm so impressed with the design....his design is so elegant and user friendly. one of the best tools i've ever owned."





" that's what I love about Reach-iT - there are not many companies that have pride in what they do any more it is nice to see they still are around"


- Nathan Williams



"I have owned the Wash It Pro for about 3 yrs and it is STILL working perfectly. NO complaints! I have to admit that i am being sold on your pole. I have a Gardiner Pole. My question is...will the Gardiner "swivel" goose neck fit on the Reach-it pole. I must say that i LOVE LOVE LOVE that swivel goose neck! And the more i look at YOUR pole the more i want one. BUT i can't live without that swivel goose neck."


- George Moore



"[Reach-iT is] also the best warranty and innovative team in the industry."


- John K Wyatt



"I was looking forward to purchasing a set of these handles. This can possibly keep me in the field where I love to be and protect my guys from future injury"


- On, Brett Clifford writes



"Keep up the great work, Perry! I'd love to try out a set!"


- On, Brandon Smith writes:



"Looks amazing..."


- On, Joseph Scinta writes:



"I want one and I want it now.... Please"


- On, James Anthe writes::



"Own 3 reach it poles.

Would love to get our hands on 1-2 of these to start"


- On, Dave Hancuff writes:


"I love the design of Reach-iT poles and associated equipment.


This company is listening and adapting to the needs of window cleaners worldwide.


Much of the design that has been developed has been truly innovative and inspiring. I am confident that Reach-iT, given the chance, will go from strength to strength putting any past issues behind it. "


- Chris Dawber


"Top service yet again from Richard Everingham and Reach-iT Poles! Phoned Richard explaining that a customer had ran over my mini No.1 section, within a couple of days a brand new (and improved) No1. section has arrived on my doorstep, and all covered under warranty!! Thanks guys! "


- James Newland


"New pro arrived this morning, all unpacked in the van ready to go. Very excited. Quality"


-  Brian Roberts


"nice poles..;) light and strong.."


-  Splash Window Cleaning and Power Washing


"How'd we ever survive without a WFP??"


-  Pop Look


"1st job with new reach it pole, fresh out of the box. 15 minutes later we're making $. Thanks for helping us have the Reach-iT Advantage. Cheers from Canada. :)"


-  Michael Livingston

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