Solar Panel Cleaning

Many of the people who have asked us for advice on Solar Panel Cleaning are window cleaners seeking to add value, and solar panel installers realising they have a database of customers worth servicing.


Window Cleaners, you will benefit from your experience in glass cleaning, and these pages will assist you to ensure you have the right equipment.


Solar Installers, you could consider to add-on other services able to be provided with the same waterfed equipment  - like soft-washing homes and, if you invest in a Pure Water system, you could provide external window cleaning as well.


All customers will receive our Video Training DVD demonstrating the best practices of cleaning windows with waterfed poles.


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Which Area of Solar Panel Cleaning are You Interested in Cleaning ?


Solar Panel Cleaning Training

We were in Dubai recently to train some of our customers on how to clean solar panels properly.. So we filmed this bilingual. That means we had it in 2 languages ! English and Arabic.


If you are interested in learning the basics, some tips and tricks or how to handle troubleshooting. This is the Solar Panel Cleaning course for you.

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Water Fed Pole Solar Panel Cleaning Packs





Solar Panel Cleaning Packs are not easily defined as there is a vast range of Solar Panel installation types  around the world.  This Solar Panel Cleaning section will guide you through many of these installations and educate you about the ideal equipment for each installation type.



Firstly, we will consider the difference between what equipment you need, to clean "Commercial Installations" and/ or "Residential Installations".

Commercial Installations are usually on flat land, or on commercial rooftops.  We call them Solar Farms.  Cleaning commercial solar panels is almost always possible from flat ground, or a flat rooftop.  The exception is the installation on a factory rooftop with a pitched (angled) roof, in which case, please apply the advice we offer in relation to Residential Installations.


Residential Installations can be defined as Single Storey and Double Storey.   These involve some differences depending on the latitude of the installation.


Installations close to the equator are installed at a flatter inclination ( eg.30º) whilst installations further from the equator are installed at a greater inclination ( eg 45º).  This in turn affects the length of the waterfed pole required to reach the panels at the apex of a pitched roof – the lower the angle, the longer the pole is required.

We recommend you to identify all the Solar Panel installation types on these pages that are most like your customer installations.  Each installation type detailed here has a recommended Solar Panel Cleaning Pack.  The ideal pack for your unique situation is the pack that will clean all of your customers’ Solar Panel installations (i.e the ideal pack needs to cover the maximum reach required for all of your needs).


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