Reach-iT's Warranty and Insurance

12 months :  Manufacturers’ Warranty  - Return-to-Base.


If the customers’ purchased product is faulty or fails as a result of a process in manufacturing, we will repair or replace that product or any broken / damaged component of that product at the Manufacturer’s discretion.  We reserve the right to assess the product, in which case, the customer is required to return the product to the company from whom they bought the product at their expense.  If it is deemed that the product is faulty, or failed as a result of a manufacturing process, the manufacturer will repair or replace the part(s) and return the product to the customer at the Manufacturers expense.  If the product is deemed to have failed as a result of abuse, mal-practice, or mis-use, we will repair or replace the parts and return the product at the customers’ expense.

Need to make a warranty claim ?

If You Care … We Care


A.  Extended Carbonfiber Warranty


As the customer completes each section of the Extended Warranty Program, the manufacturer will award the customer additional Extended Carbonfiber Warranty  - that is, the manufacturer is underwriting that the carbonfibre components will not fail as a result of any failure in the manufacturing process.  Completing the Program will award the customer an additional 24 months of Extended Carbonfiber Warranty, to a total of 36 months.


B.  Carbonfiber Insurance


If the customer completes all the sections of the ‘If You care … We Care’ Program, the manufacturer will addittionally award the customer 24 months of Carbonfiber Insurance at no additional cost.  Once insured, in the event that the customer has an accident and breaks a carbonfiber section of their Reach-iT pole, the manufacturer will replace that section for free, subject to the customer paying the freight from the nearest Manufacturer warehouse.  This insurance is limited to a claim of one carbonfiber section each year for the two years.  We have only had 2 claims in 4 years where more than one section broke from an accident.


Additional insurance will be made available to a maximum of 5 years.  If you are interested in that now, please write to ( Harry create and check or set the link the same way i have here … ).


Effecting a Warranty or Insurance Claim


The customer must supply to the manufacturer a video and/or photo evidence of the whole Reach-iT section that is broken, including honest information of how the section broke.  It is not the matter of whether it is the customer fault, or the manufacturer fault  - it is a matter of learning the truth so the product can be improved.  The manufacturer also reserves the right to require proof-of-purchase and a corresponding product serial number.


Voiding the Carbonfiber Extended Warranty and Insurance


Failure to Care


Failure to care for your Reach-iT Pole reasonably can lead to excessive wear and tear.  Reach-iT Poles need to be cleaned at least once a month during peak season.  A build up of dirt inside the pole (especially when using internal tubes) will result in wear and tear that will reduce the effective life of your Reach-iT Pole. Evidence of this kind of wear and tear on the tube section will result in a void Warranty and Insurance.



Failure to Use Properly


Failure to use the pole as designed can lead to unnatural stresses on the pole tip. The manufacturer recommends the best practices for window cleaning at  Using this method of window cleaning will give the customer more efficiency and a longer pole life. Using a Reach-iT pole for other purposes, with excessive tools on the tip, or excessive weight on the tip can change the predictable behaviour of the pole, and lead to wear, splitting and delamination on a section.  Evidence that the pole has not been used in a reasonable way will void any warranty or insurance.


Failure to Use as Designed


Delamination of any pole section that has not been designed to be used as a ‘Handle Section’ is not warrantable.  The Reach-iT MINI 2011-2013 is designed with Handle Sections at section 3 and 7. The Reach-iT MINI NG (2014 -  ) is designed with a Handle Section at sections 1, 4 and 7. The Reach-iT PRO 2011-2014 is designed with Handle Sections at (section 1 3, 5 and 7).  Reach-iT PLUS's are designed for Handle sections at Section 7 only.  A handle section is always fitted with a stainless steel End Defender.


Failure to Replace End Defender


Failure to replace a lost End Defender will void Warranty and Insurance. This means that a broken section that, under investigation, that also has an End Defender missing, will not be covered by warranty or insurance.  Replacement End Defenders can be bought in the Online Store or fro Distributors.


Replacement Tube Sections can be bought as per the 'Replacement Cost Schedule' below, plus freight - apply by email to


Customer Proof Required for Warranty and Insurance Claims


The requirement for  a successful claim is proof of purchase, a video and/or photo evidence:


1. Firstly, so the manufacturer can show their engineers actual experiential data that the manufacturer may not otherwise be able to imitate in local working conditions.  The customer’s co-operation is required pragmatically, and not intended to trigger defensive or antagonistic responses.  The manufacturer is, after all, replacing parts to the customer for free !  The customer  cost is to provide quality information.


2. Secondly, there would be some that would seek to abuse the Reach-iT Extended Carbonfiber Warranty and  Insurance and try and get a free pole by claiming section breaks without actually breaking them.  We want to avoid the temptation to do this.


3. Proof of Purchase is required to make sure it is actually a Reach-iT Pole that broke !


Reach-iT Pole Clamps


Reach-iT poles have used 4 clamps to date :


2010 - Brodex Style - out of warranty - no replacements available


2011 - China Universal Black with Black Levers style  - out of warranty - no replacements available


2012 - China Universal Black with Red Levers style - out of warranty - no replacements available


2013 - TUFF Clamps - the TUFF Clamps have a minimum 12 month life under most conditions.


A program of subsidising RHINO Clamps for previous owners of TUFF Clamps  is available at


2014 - RHINO Clamps - the manufacturer will upgrade and replace faulty parts for free for up to 12 months from the date of purchase of RHINO Clamps.


RHINO v 1.0  : Released in April 2014


RHINO v 1.1 :  Released June 2014


RHINO v 1.2 :  Released August 2014


RHINO v 1.3 :  Released October 2014


RHINO v 1.4 :  the final version, with over 20 improvements from v 1.0 are available January 2015.


Reach-iT Accessories and Attachments


Fittings, Tube, Brushes and other plastic and composite components are covered by whatever manufacturer warranty is applicable in the customer’s local jurisdiction.  These parts are prone to wear, but the manufacturer is determined that you have a great experience with Reach-iT, so, if you have any issues, please write directly to the top :


We identify that, if you look after your pole sections well, they could last 5-10 years.


Clamps and End Defenders will take the wear and the movement, but, in doing so, they can wear out and need replacing.  The Reach-iT Pole design has always ensured the clamps are able top be replaced, so as to ensure the fulllonger life of the Tube Sections.


Replacing Sections Outside Warranty and Insurance


If the customer needs to replace a section of a Reach-iT Pole that is not covered by warranty or insurance, the customer can effect that with the following cost.




Reach-iT MINI  $99 per section


Reach-iT PRO  $199 per section


Reach-iT PRO-PLUS $199 per section


Reach-iT MINI-PLUS $149 per section


plus freight, proof of purchase required. Fair Usage of Warranty Conditions Apply.


Business Boost Co., Limited (HK) (“futureofcleaning”, Reach-iT , “the Manufacturer”) warrants against manufacturing flaws and product failure due to sub-standard manufacturing processes.



Wash-iT Systems Warranty


Manufacturer warrants all Wash-iT Systems :


Terms and Conditions of Warranty


Outside the conditions listed above, including warranty claimants that refuse to provide the required proof, all other Warranty Claims are on the following basis :


Warranty is for 12 months covering faulty manufacturing.


General Comments relating to Warranty and Insurance


If required, it is the responsibility is of the Buyer to return the Product to the Seller.  In the event a part is returned to the Seller, the Seller is responsible for the freight cost to re-supply the replacement part(s) to the Buyer.


The Seller determines categorically whether the product problem is related to manufacturing fault, or User Fault, or Abuse.


Warranty is not transferable and proof-of-purchase must be provided to initiate the warranty claim.


Warranty does not include artwork or cosmetic variations.


Product Failure due to Operator Error is best approached honestly so the manufacturer can work with the customer to replace the item that has failed.


Manufacturer Warehouse address can be provided upon application. The default address is Ningbo, China.

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