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Wash-iT DI Tank is a simple, easy to use and refill DI Tank solution for water fed window cleaning.




Being just 1/4 cu ft capacity (4 refills per bulk bag) ,it is easy to carry, incredibly easy to refill ( a unique 10" (250mm) wide 'throat', and it is ideal for two tanks in series.


The ONLY downside to DI ONLY filtration is that you do not know when it is going to expire, so having two tanks in series makes great sense - the first is the 'WorkHorse' and the second tank is the redundancy.


We include a handheld TDS METER with the TANK (but you will need to supply your own 2 x JR44 batteries due to a civil aviation crackdown on devices with batteries).


You will also get GARDENA Quick Connects back to garden hose, and RHINO TUBE.


DI Resin is not supplied - it is available locally worldwide - simply Google 'DI RESIN MB400 MB115'


Use virgin resin for the longest life, especially MB400 from Purolite and MB115 from THERMAX.  If you find a nuclear grade resin, it will last 20% longer and usually costs 20% more.




If you experience high TDS from well water, remember, you can clean the windows and frames the first time with tap water, and then do a second pass, glass only, 15 seconds per window with DI WATER to polish the job.




Please Note : An RO is simply a PRE-FILTER to DI with one goal - to save DI COSTS.  An RO does not purify water any better than DI, and you cannot spend $5000 to get a better quality of water than from a DI TANK.  Getting an RO is NOT a decision based on the TDS of your local water, but rather a decision on how much it could SAVBE you in DI RESIN costs compared to operating DI ONLY.  Use the LiveChat in bottom right corner if you need assistance.  If no-one answers, leave your email address, and you will be notified when we answer your question.

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