For all general purpose water fed window cleaning applications, we have refined the CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH to a 'most universal configuration'.

'ALL-ROUNDER' is fitted with a newly modified SIDE 2 SIDE and HYDRO-BLADE-2. 

Also available in 16", this page is dedicated to the 12" MODEL.


CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH is the only brush designed from inception for Water Fed Window Cleaning.

How does our brush compare to other brushes on the market?

You will find broom-style brushes, with drilled jets, or bolt-on rinse bars. 

However, it is not just the physical brush that makes Reach-iT customers clean FASTER, BETTER, SAFER - it is that we have a PROCESS for our PRODUCTS - CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH is a TOOL WITH A TECHNIQUE ! 

To download a PDF of the Reach-iT TECHNIQUE, click here 

If you would prefer to watch videos, we have an AMAZING SERIES of COLOR WATER DEMONSTRATIONS that show how CONSTRUCTOR works with the Reach-iT TECHNIQUE.  To see the Color Water Demonstrations, click here


The greatest DISCOVERY from the evolution CONSTRUCTOR INNOVATION is that we can make HYDROPHOBIC GLASS behave as if it is HYDROPHILIC when we are performing the DOWN-STROKE RINSE.  

The enemy of all Water Fed Window Cleaners has been windows, or parts of windows that repel the water during the rinse phase (we call that HYDROPHOBIC GLASS).  It could be the whole pane, or it could be the edges, where the silicon has crept across the glass from the seals.

We observed this phenomenon after we developed HYDRO-BLADE - and the perfected WATER SQUEEGEE effect. After deliberation with several highly scientific minds, we concluded that the perfect top blade of constructor brush breaks the surface tension as it glides down the glass.  At the same time, the spot-free water from HYDRO-BLADE is sitting on the top edge of the bristle blade, inheriting the broken surface tension, and consequently sheeting off (when water cascades in sheets, we call the glass HYDROPHYLIC GLASS).

To add even more amazing data, we have observed that there are smaller, and less number of water beads on the glass after CONSTRUCTOR is used for a DOWN-STROKE RINSE than other brushes, meaning there is less chance for spots on windy days, or during pollen season!



CONSTRUCTOR Brush had a long and varied history until we finally developed HYDRO-BLADE.  

In the beginning, we had one jet per inch - and now we have up to three jets per inch.  The reason is, as the water from the jets hit the glass from a close proximity, the water 'spreads' and connects, forming what we now call the 'WATER SQUEEGEE'.  

Once we mastered the water squeegee, we were able to double the efficiency of our Water Fed Window Cleaning Customers, because we identified that you can AGITATE on the UP-STROKE and RINSE on the DOWN-STROKE without ever taking the brush off the glass.  Prior to this, everyone for the last 50 years has been agitating and then lifting the brush off the glass to rinse.

The secret to the effective rinse with HYDRO-BLADE is that the jets are parallel to the top bristle blade of the brush when the brush is not compacted against the glass.  HYDRO-BLADE has two settings in your CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH - 25º parallel to the top slot, and 12.5º parallel to the next top bristle channel.  This means we can use either the top or next top channel for the top blade, giving us more options with brush design. Don't worry  - you can leave all this to us - we just want you to know how amazing this brush is for meeting your exact needs.


Since the inception of CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH in 2014, we understood how important it is to be able to rinse into the window corners.  The CATCH 22, is that, at the same time, it is critical to NOT RINSE ABOVE THE AGITATION ZONE, because otherwise, you introduce dirt from above into the Water Squeegee, which in turn, leaves spots, even though the Water Squeegee is spot-free water.  This is why rinse-bars on broom style brushes have a limitation - you cannot rinse the corner without having the jets rinse above the bristles, compared to how CONSTRUCTOR works with SIDE-2-SIDE.


SIDE 2 SIDE facilitates pivoting of the brush with a twisting of the pole. With the Reach-iT TECHNIQUE, you can angle CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH across the top frame (or when cleaning the top frame) at 30-45º and into the corners.  With this ability, and with rinse jets in the end caps to the outer edge, CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH can clean and rinse corners and edges of all windows, even with deep-set and mullion frames.

Many CONSTRUCTOR Window Cleaners also use the SIDE 2 SIDE swivel function to 'FAN RINSE' the center of the window  - it is based around one of the fastest way to clean windows traditionally -  center top to corner and down the frame, center top to other corner and down the frame, and then FAN SQUEEGEE the middle . 

Using CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH on SIDE-2-SIDE, you can also follow the same pattern for a very successful spot-free rinse.


Think of your squeegee rubber - which edge gets wrecked fastest? It's the outside edge, right, because it is running against the frames and into the corners.

It's exactly the same with Water Fed Brushes - your outer bristles get far more friction and distortion than the blades that are in the middle of the brush just cleaning the flat surface of the glass.

This is why we designed CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH with replaceable end-cap bristles (for as little as $19.95 for replacement end-caps pre-fitted with bristles and HYDRO-BLADE).  Anytime your bristles get distorted by frames, you can simply replace them without needing to buy a whole new brush. 


Thinking of the center of the squeegee blade pulling the water off the glass, CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH is designed the same way - it is fitted with 'BLADES' of bristles, compared to Broom-Style brushes with pods of bristles 1/8" apart. With Broom-Style brushes, the spot-free water falls through the brush, whereas with CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH, the water squeegee is formed by the water sitting on the top bristle blade, ensuring that all glass, whether HYDROPHOBIC or HYDROPHILIC, can deliver a perfect spot-free result with the DOWN-STROKE RINSE.

The CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH MASTER is a 7-channel 1/24" aluminum CHANNEL, meaning you can slide in any number of bristle blades (from 4-7, depending on the brush design). 


When we started REACH-iT, we made 17 different Broom-Style brushes in pursuit of 'the ultimate UNIVERSAL BRUSH'.  We sold them in random sets of 4 as the BETA PACK, asking customers to identify their favorite. YOU GUESSED IT!  Every brush had lovers and haters. What amazing data!  CONCLUSION: There is no universal brush for global production - there are too many variables geographically, and skill-wise.  That's why we call this brush the ALL-ROUNDER: It is the closest thing to a universal brush as possible, and a mid-line compared to the other brushes in the CONSTRUCTOR RANGE.

And so it is - we slide a certain layout of bristles into the SAME CHANNEL to make one brush vs another!  The beauty is this - you can do the same!  Any customer has the choice to throw away an old CONSTRUCTOR to buy a new one (that's the consumerism approach), or to replace the bristles 'annually' or 'as required' for as little as $29.95.  

In addition, you can change a SWIFT to a BEAST, or even a combo SWIFT/BEAST.  We empower you to design the brush that best suits your conditions.  The only brush you cannot upgrade to is BRONZE/AGGRESSIVE due to the number of non-compatible parts. 


They say you shouldn't put aluminum/metal near glass, and we agree.  The irony is that all squeegee blades are made from metal, and they don't damage glass.  And so it is with CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH - the lightweight 7-channel frame is encased with plastic caps to ensure there is no risk to damaging windows, window frames, or solar panels.


RHINO-TUBE encircles the CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH, and is intentionally exposed around the outer edges so any contact with frames whether plastic, paint, aluminum, or wood - CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR CUSTOMER'S PROPERTY.


The ability to exchange bristles opens the opportunity to save money by buying BRISTLE PACKS rather than new brushes.  

ALL CURRENT MODELS OF CONSTRUCTOR ARE DESIGNED FOR HI-FLO TUBE. If you have low pressure, or you use extensive lengths of RHINO-TUBE, or you want to work at extended heights, you may need HI-FLO for the successful operation of this brush.


*Colors may vary




Call our USA Team on 562-684-4928 anytime to discuss the right BRUSH SOLUTIONS for your needs.  We do have extensive experience in understanding the difference in needs between a village in CT vs downtown Manhattan, NYC vs Phoenix, AZ.   We also can help you understand more about why you want a range of brushes for different levels of AGITATION, and different sizes for MAXIMIZED EFFICIENCY. With all our advice, we have one thing in mind  - how to keep you cleaning FASTER, BETTER, and SAFER.

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