RHINO HI-FLO TUBE: either the 75ft or the 150ft

10:10 PUSHFIT: enables you to connect any two lengths of HI-FLO

10:8 PUSHFIT:enables you to connect to any length of RHINO-TUBE (for example, if you want to use RHINO-TUBE to the brush as lighter on the swivel function, use a 10:8 between the 10:10 at the top clamp, and the 14” length of RHINO-TUBE for the loop)

10 PUSH-FIT: to GARDENA MALE (gives you the flexibility to connect to any fitting with GARDENA FEMALES

COLLAR LOCKS: prevent any PUSH-FIT from coming open unintentionally


RHINO HI-FLO is the latest release from REACH-IT for the delivery of water from the filter to the brush.  

REACH-iT brushes are designed on the basis of 'USE MORE WATER, USE LESS TIME'  -  it's a little ambiguous, because you will save so much time, that you will actually use less water!

As we design brushes that use more water, we also need to be able to transport more water to the brush.  The smaller the Internal Diameter (ID) of a hose or tube, the more friction there is, and ultimately, the less pressure there will be available at the jets to 'squirt' the water the right distance to the glass.


RHINO HI-FLO can be used along the ground for 75-150 FEET to have a more convenient delivery hose, AND up the pole right to the #1 clamp, or straight to the brush! 


RHINO-TUBE is a 5/16" ID tube which is fine up to 16" CONSTRUCTOR, however, it is limited with brushes 20" and wider.  RHINO HI-FLO is 3/8" ID, delivering more water to your wider brushes.

REMEMBER : The longer the tube or hose, no matter the ID, the less pressure will be available at the brush, so always use the shortest practical length, transporting water with the largest practical ID.  Typically, stepping down the ID over distance preserves pressure better ( so use 1/2", then 3/8", then 5/16" over long distances, unless you are using a 20" CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH, in which case, you would use RHINO HI-FLO all the way to the brush.


 hi-flo tube specifications


This pack is designed to give you the maximum flow rate through RHINO HI-FLO TUBE to your brush, including, in many occasions, replacing RHINO-TUBE.

This is a complete pack to meet all your current and ongoing needs :



OPTIONS : 75FT and 150FT lengths.

If you choose 150FT, we give you another 10:10 PUSH-FIT ADAPTOR so you can cut HI-FLO into two lengths (eg. 75/75 or 100/50) and easily re-join them for longer run situations. Remember to reconnect and use the COLLAR LOCK CIR-CLIPS to avoid unintentional disconnection.

RHINO HI-FLO is designed for delivering more water to all REACH-iT BRUSHES with the advent of HYDRO-BLADE-2.    HYDRO-BLADE-2 has 34 jets in all 12” and 16” versions of ALL-ROUNDER and DEEP FRAME. We know categorically that you can USE LESS TIME by using more FLOW-RATE during the ON-GLASS-RINSE phase.  Overall, if you accelerate your work at a higher rate than the increase in flow-rate, you will actually USE LESS WATER VOLUME, and we have compelling evidence from our existing user-base that this delivers a very substantial difference in  FLOW-RATE by upgrading your feed tube to HI-FLO.

You CAN use HI-FLO on a reel, albeit it is recommended to fully deploy whatever length you are using for maximum flow rate.

To gather HI-FLO in loops, hand to hand, remember to put a half twist in the HI-FLO with each loop. If you are advanced, you can actually add a reverse half twist and neutralize the twist completely, otherwise, you need to remember that you have a twist in the hose when you deploy it - in this case, you walk it, and drop it to the ground one loop at a time.


Customer Reviews

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This pack has it all, plus some!

I ordered the Rhino Hi-Flo Tube Pack in addition to the Warrior Power Pack because we like running a little longer pole tube than normal. Tube pack came ready to go! Everything needed to get us working out of the box. We enjoy the thought that goes into packing this product to ensure the user has everything plus some extras for those of us who like to customize based on our cleaning methods.


I had to use another hose adapter. The one it came with was leaking like a sieve!! But once I got it working it worked great. Plenty of water to run the Radial and Deep frame brushes. I am using to run all other Constructor brushes and works great!! I do have to keep a close watch on how crew uses water in tank. Reminding them to kink hose in between windows to conserve water.

Hi flo

This is very nice piece of hosing it delivers as promised with water flowing at a very high rate I'm not much of a connoisseur of hosing though but I do like this product


Love it.

Awesome hose!

Awesome tube. it’s been a great move to the Hi-FLO tube. The pump doesn’t have to work as hard pushing through the smaller tube, so getting great flow out of the new brushes.