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Pole Fitting
RADIAL LITE is designed for HIGH SPEED REGULAR CLEANING with a SINGLE ACTION  - AGITATE on the up-stroke, RINSE on the down-stroke.   
Note RADIAL LITE is in production now as 18" - pre-order now, for delivery mid-late September 2021.  

With 4 rows of bristles, RADIAL LITE is the ideal brush for Storefronts and Rope Access (where applicable), and other route external window cleaning.  With radial bristles in the endcaps, you will be cleaning the corners more efficiently than any other brush.

RADIAL LITE is also suitable for use on lower-cost flexible poles that are not rigid enough for the heavier-duty RADIAL, and also poles made with less layers of carbonfiber to make them lightweight.

Unlike the other RADIAL BRUSHES that use a higher flowrate, RADIAL LITE needs 1/3GPM (1.5 LPM) flowrate, so it should work with 5/16" (8mm) OD tube like RHINO-TUBE.  Of course, it will perform better with 3/8" (10mm) OD tube like RADIAL HI-FLO.

The key to your improved efficiency with RADIAL is to understand, and use 'The RADIAL TECHNIQUE' as it is actually your technique that delivers your increased efficiency.

For RADIAL BRUSH, click here   For RADIAL ROCKER, click here .


UNMATCHED AGITATION: The bristles are in the right place for cleaning frames, edges, corners, and windows. 

HIGHEST QUALITY ANODIZED ALUMINUM BLOCK: Built on a 12" block, with 14" splay of bristle, RADIAL LITE is the highest technology in Window Cleaning Brushes.

HIGHEST QUALITY NYLON BRISTLES: RADIAL LITE bristles will NOT DISTORT in temperatures as high as 60ºC

BLADE OF BRISTLES: 100% coverage of the window surface with every single stroke, and making HYDROPHOBIC GLASS behave like HYDROPHILIC GLASS. 

DUAL TRIM BRUSH: RADIAL LITE has 2 LEVELS OF BRISTLE ENGAGEMENT with the glass to ensure maximum agitation.  Press harder to engage the inner stiffer bristles for more difficult debris.

FITTED WITH HYDRO-BLADE:  We bend the water to exactly where you need it - see The RADIAL TECHNIQUE for how to the 4 zones of a window;  Corners, 

PIVOT: Designed to NEVER FAIL!! Giving you UNLIMITED ANGLES of ATTACK, including negative angles for cleaning windows below the waist. 

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Mark Lane

Good bit of kit
Made for window cleaners by window cleaners.

Peter Serrano
Trad Pole - 8

Nice lite, strong pole, feels good in the hands. Only issue I’ve had is that metal end defender coming loose just a few weeks after purchasing.

James Gardner
New brushes

I now have 2 radial lite and 1 radial brush they are both excellent, save time and do a superb job

Gavin Long
Fantastic brush

Fantastic brush it is so light the ladies on my team love using it. Also gets into really tight spaces like behind wooden louvres to get to the glass

Mr m huxley
Very good brush

The brush overall is very very good there’s not much you can say is wrong with this brush it’s good for taking off all the dirt from the windows I’ve only got two things to criticise about the brush one I’ve be nice if the bristles are a little bit longer sometimes they don’t reach the places you would like it to also not good on sills but overall I love this brush