SOLAR Brush with 75ft HI-FLO

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    The first thing we know about cleaning solar panels is that it is more difficult to get pressure for the bristles on the glass - that's why we do not have longer end-cap bristles, and we do not have dual-trim or triple-trim bristles.

    The SOLAR Brush is mono-filament, single trim - so all the bristles are on the glass at all times.  

    We also employ a particular bristle style that 'spreads' the bristles out - they are 'crinkled' so the coverage is more regular, compared to seeing 'bristle blades'.  Again - the design is to have more bristles on the glass during every stroke. 

    To facilitate the higher flow rate we want for SOLAR PANEL CLEANING, we have included 75ft of the all-new RHINO-HI-FLO tube that allows double the amount of flow for the same pressure, compared to RHINO-TUBE.  You will see we feed RHINO HI-FLO all the way to the T at the brush head.

    SOLAR BRUSH is still a CONSTRUCTOR Brush, meaning you can still replace or change the configuration of bristles at any time.

    You can change the orientation of SIDE 2 SIDE, or the EURO MOUNT ADAPTOR easily to use the brush 'upside down' in the event you are cleaning from above the panel vs from below the panel.  

    Remember to use SOLAR BRUSH to agitate the dirt into suspension and consider to use a large floor squeegee to get the dirty water off the glass  - the pitch of a solar panel is much less than a window (90 degrees) - so the rinse action is slower and less efficient in a lot of solar panel installations. 

    This custom designed SOLAR BRUSH is available as a 20” and as a 24” (the default is 20" - use the drop-down menu to choose 24")



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    Best Solar Brush

    I asked a different WFP supplier to recommend a solar brush and the response was any brush will do. I've discovered thats not entirely accurate. This brush by far exceeds the performance of any other brush I've tried. The amount of bristles that touch the solar panel at the same time make a quick, efficient and thorough cleaning and the amount of water that flows through the rinse bar makes quick work of the rinse. In the area I live I choose to use a pump to get more pressure to the rinse bar. The only thing I may do on the future by the 24inch also. I would like to see the solar brush with Radial pivot and quick adjust.