The brushes sold from 2015 to 2018 -  namely ORIGINAL, SWIFT, INDUSTRIAL and BEAST are all discontinued.  We can continue to support them a long as possible with spare parts and Bristle Blade packs (click here

As we have learnt so much from our customer base, we know now there are 3 major forms of AGITATION, and one form for ON-GLASS-RINSE.

NYLON BRISTLES 'SCRATCH' particulates off glass - choose  ALL-ROUNDER with DUPONT BRISTLES - either standard, or DEEP-FRAME. 

BOARS HAIR 'GRABS' particulates off glass - use WINDOW WEAPON - choose SCRUBS : GREEN RUBBER, MAGIC ERASER or SILICON (on request).

BLADES 'SCRAPE' particulates off glass - use WINDOW WEAPON - choose SCRUBS :  Bronze Wool, Bronze Mesh, Stainless Wool, Cheese Grater,  Blue Metal, WHITE NO-SCRATCH PAD.

The world's ONLY brushes made ONLY for WINDOW CLEANERS to clean windows with Water Fed Window Cleaning FASTER, BETTER, SAFER, now with the ultimate design - WINDOW WEAPON, and DEEP FRAME WINDOW WEAPON !

 If you need replacement parts, and you cannot find them, please call us on +1 562-684-4928, or go to 'CONTACT US' for Support Form, and Worldwide Phone Numbers.