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6 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD of continuous improvement, we can now say we have the FINAL DESIGN (and hopefully PERFECT TOOL) for cleaning water soluble debris off glass - we call it RADIAL. 

If you are dealing with NON-WATER-SOLUBLE debris on glass, we are certain that WINDOW WEAPON is the MOST EFFECTIVE brush ever - with 8 different SCRUBS, and MORE COMING as we pursue the design and production of the most efficient tools for tasks ; with tools with techniques. 

The brush you may have bought in the early days as 'ORIGINAL' has been re-named 'ALL-ROUNDER' to better reflect it's use in the hands of a window cleaner. It remains available in store. 

Consequently, and with high appreciation of their contribution to the JOURNEY, the brushes sold from 2015 to 2018 -  namely SWIFT, INDUSTRIAL and BEAST will be phased out as supplies are exhausted - superseded by WINDOW WEAPON which is simply, and categorically replaces them with greater efficiency!  For all our 8500 CONSTRUCTOR BRUSHES out there, we will continue to support them a long as we can with components and Bristle Blade packs (click here). Equally, we want to encourage you that our ongoing education from continual feedback has developed BETTER WINDOW CLEANING BRUSHES in 2019 and now, with RADIAL in 2020. 

NOV 1, 2019, we launched our new 2020 brush 'RADIAL' with REACH-IT CARE. This is not. CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH - it's not serviceable, no replaceable parts, and not changeable - in short - it's a finished, complete product, bolted and glued.

ALL-ROUNDER is continuing at a great discount, the same as APPLE drops the investment in an iPhone 7 when the 11 MAX PRO is released - and ALL-ROUNDER is a GREAT BRUSH! 

As we have learnt so much from our customer base, we know now there are 3 major types of AGITATION, and one design for ON-GLASS-RINSE.

NYLON BRISTLES 'SCRATCH' particulates off glass - choose  ALL-ROUNDER with DUPONT BRISTLES - either standard, or DEEP-FRAME. 

BOARS HAIR 'GRABS' particulates off glass - use WINDOW WEAPON - choose SCRUBS : GREEN RUBBER, MAGIC ERASER or SILICON (on request).

BLADES 'SCRAPE' particulates off glass - use WINDOW WEAPON - choose SCRUBS :  Bronze Wool, Bronze Mesh, Stainless Wool, Cheese Grater,  Blue Metal, WHITE NO-SCRATCH PAD.

The world's ONLY brushes made ONLY for WINDOW CLEANERS to clean windows with Water Fed Window Cleaning FASTER, BETTER, SAFER, now with the ultimate design - WINDOW WEAPON, and DEEP FRAME WINDOW WEAPON !

 If you need replacement parts, and you cannot find them, please call us on +1 562-684-4928, or go to 'CONTACT US' for Support Form, and Worldwide Phone Numbers.  



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RADIAL ROCKER (14" and 18")

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