WINDOW WEAPON (for low profile frames)



The 'HOLY GRAIL' of Water Fed Window Cleaning Brushes is here, and PROVEN TO WORK .. FASTER, BETTER, SAFER !

If you have a tapered 'euro' thread (eg. Unger poles), you need to add 'UNIVERSAL ADAPTOR for SIDE 2 SIDE':  click here
If you have a Gardiner pole, you may need to modify our SIDE 2 SIDE by sanding down the stem of the SIDE 2 SIDE fitting to match the smaller ID of the top Gardiner clamp.  Give us a call if this 'modification' is not possible and we will seek to do that for you ... 

See HYDRO-BLADE II+ in this video:  

WINDOW WEAPON includes : 


6 sets of 3 x 'SCRUBS' with different agitation ability from MICROFIBER to STAINLESS STEEL MESH

Disclaimer:  Certain glasses will scratch with any abrasive pad - we rely on your knowledge and professionalism to test each glass surface before using a WINDOW WEAPON. It is recommended to only be used on glass, and not on any polymer materials. By purchasing this product, you accept responsibility for your choice of pad, and hereby indemnify the manufacturer against any claim for damage to glass surfaces. 

We want to appreciate and recognize the hundreds of Window Cleaners who supported us with buying the BRONZE BRUSH, facilitating the evolution of WINDOW WEAPON with particular help from Larry Crook, CT, USA; Eric Gilliand, NEW ZEALAND, and Peter Thomas in Perth, AUSTRALIA; also Todd Thurman and Kai Chinn, USA; Craig Hardman, Australia; and dozens of others who have offered constructive feedback, we want to ensure you feel supported as you support Reach-iT.  

Together, we were able to collaborate to make WINDOW WEAPON - the Holy Grail of the CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH PROJECT.

CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH is the only brush made from scratch specifically to maximize efficiency of Window Cleaners - it's been a long journey with highs and lows, but we never lost sight of the goal, and the faith it was achievable, step by step.

Whilst some want us to arrive at the destination at the start of our journey, delivering the perfect product for their particular application, we set out to develop a brush that COULD meet every need, every window, everywhere.  It took 3.5 years to get to WINDOW WEAPON! 

Now, with this under our belt, with your support, we will embark on the next phase... again, I can pre-credit two extraordinarily generous, caring and super-smart window cleaners - Larry Crook, and Eric Gilliand.

The potential of FASTER, BETTER, SAFER is still evolving! 

MICROFIBER SCRUBS - not bristles - MICROFIBER is great at ‘grabbing’ dirt, and can flush itself with the constant supply of water from HYDRO-BLADE. It’s also perfect to add a squirt of non-streaking detergents like GG4 for breaking down organic pollutants, and we look forward to your feedback on other chemicals as well. This is an aggressive, firm microfiber, not a soft and fluffy, or a tight-knit microfiber, designed to maximize your efficiency, and have you cleaning windows FASTER, BETTER, SAFER. 

We have maintained the top bristle blade to break the surface tension of the glass, guaranteeing a water squeegee effect, ensuring all HYDROPHOBIC glass behaves HYDROPHILIC on the down stroke, and the bottom bristle blade to pull the dirty water off the glass on the down stroke. 

MICROFIBER SCRUB is the softest of 6 styles of SCRUBS with WINDOW WEAPON - all your experience from cleaning with traditional, now available in Water Fed, only with a Reach-iT!

STAINLESS STEEL MESH SCRUBS - STAINLESS MESH is designed for ‘scraping’ caked on dirt, artillery fungus, bee poop, and other before now, impossible concretions to remove with Water Fed. This is a maximum aggressive scrub to maximize your efficiency, and have you cleaning windows FASTER, BETTER, SAFER. 

BLUE STEEL SCRUBS - BLUE STEEL is ‘sharper’ than STAINLESS MESH, with a much tighter knit ‘blade’ effect as the stainless steel is woven through a polyester fabric. This is an aggressive SCRUB to maximize your efficiency, and have you cleaning windows FASTER, BETTER, SAFER.  

All WINDOW WEAPON SCRUBS can be detached and re-attached to the double-hook Velcro base plate so you can re-use them and interchange them, rather than making them one-time-use.

WHITE NON-SCRATCH SCRUBS - not bristles - WHITE NON-SCRATCH material is a proven agitation tool for traditional window cleaners, and it is an obvious evolution to include it for Water Fed. This is a medium-aggressive SCRUB to maximize your every-day efficiency, and have you cleaning windows FASTER, BETTER, SAFER.  

All WINDOW WEAPON SCRUBS are 12 inches square on the glass to standardize and maximize your pounds-per-square-inch pressure (as proven with the Reach-iT BRONZE Brush) - it is the perfect match of useable surface area, and the efficiency of cleaning as much glass as possible with each stroke. Smaller SCRUBS would allow more pressure, bigger scrubs would reduce the pressure possible from the operator on the glass. 

BRONZE WOOL SCRUBS - BRONZE WOOL is a proven agitation tool for traditional and water fed window cleaners, and it is an obvious evolution to include it in WINDOW WEAPON. This is an aggressive SCRUB - softer than Steel Wool, and not prone to oxidize (rust), meaning it will last longer on the glass, and not lead to staining. Using BRONZE WOOL on very dirty glass will maximize your agitation efficiency, and have you cleaning windows FASTER, BETTER, SAFER.  

As much as with all the SCRUBS, we are very interested in your feedback as we explore this style of Bronze Wool, comparing it also with the Bronze Wool from Bronze Brush. 

ALL CURRENT MODELS OF CONSTRUCTOR ARE DESIGNED FOR HI-FLO TUBE. If you have low pressure, or you use extensive lengths of RHINO-TUBE, or you want to work at extended heights, you may need HI-FLO for successful operation of this brush.


Remember that you are passing your force from your arms to a SCRUB on WINDOW WEAPON - if your pole is not rigid - it will flex with your force, and it will not work effectively. In our experience, because the brush is the new 'being tested' tool, the Operator will say 'it doesn't work' - without ever considering that it is the pole that doesn't work!

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Enjoying using the window weapon. Certainly makes life easier.

King brush

I used broom style brushes for 25 years and finally converted over to window weapon last hear it completely and absolutely makes a broom style brush obsolete no comparison it truly is the future of cleaning

Best brush of the world





Love it