RHINO FLAT HOSE - 4 colors - 5/16" x 3/8"

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At REACH-IT, we are passionate about PACK-OUT & PACK-UP EFFICIENCY !


HOSE EFFICIENCY PACK is 150FT of our RHINO (FLAT) HOSE  - made especially for Window Cleaners, and a revolution to the industry.

Because water pressure is lost over distance inside hose and tube, it is important to manage your hose and tube arrangement  - less pressure loss is experienced with larger hose.

RHINO HOSE is 5/16" ID (Internal Diameter) while RHINO TUBE is 5/16" OD (Outer Diameter) - so, whilst it is a FLAT HOSE without pressure, it expands with as little as 30PSI pressure to be nearly round.  This means there is less pressure loss over longer distances.

PLEASE NOTE:  RHINO FLAT HOSE is rated at 100PSI - do not use it with greater pressure.

The next issue is the cost of time when setting up and packing up the hose for water fed.  RHINO-HOSE is a super-light, kink-free, flat hose - even with small hands, you can carry 100ft in one hand (5ft loops).  

This makes RHINO-HOSE amazing for running around trees, swing-sets, landscaping and other obstacles in residential jobs (for Commercial jobs, usually a hard wall braided hose on a reel is more efficient because the layout is in straight lines along building faces). 

As soon as you disconnect it from the spigot, it empties itself, so you are not fighting the water in the hose as you loop it into your hand.

You get an extra set of connectors so you can cut the RHINO-HOSE into 50FT and 100FT for optimising the operational lengths, and yet, you can still join them together again when you need to. 

Also consider RHINO HI-FLO TUBE (10mm OD) 

What's in the box:

1 x 150ft RHINO-HOSE ($199)

4 x RHINO-HOSE to Gardena Female Connectors (19.00)

2 x Gardena Double-Male Connectors ($10.00)


Call our team at any time on USA 562-684-4928 to discuss the options. 

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