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We have developed an all-new formula of Squeegee Rubber with a global expert in Soft TP Rubber.  We field tested this rubber to get to this formula, and now, whilst it may be perfect, we want to make sure, before we charge you for it.


Our goal is a 100% re-cyclable squeegee rubber that lasts longer, and is cheaper to buy.  

SQUEEGEE GREEN is for sale in North America ONLY at this time.

TYPE : ROUND TOP to suit ETTORE, UNGER style channels, not SORBO.

Customer Reviews

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I find dive-bombing with this rubber a little more difficult and the glide is nice but seems not to last as long as regular rubber. The edges quickly developed a flake-like tear that you don’t see with rubber, it might have something to do with the fluctuating temperatures in my area I’m not sure.

Rafael Granados
excellent tool for the best performance

something different

Tyler Goral

Works great!

Green Rubber

Since I only tried this rubber mostly in cold weather it may not be a fair evaluation. This green rubber is not made for cold weather. It left skips, and had very little flexibility. I will try again in the summer since I live in the Las Vegas where I need a strong rubber in the heat.

A good starting point, but needs a bit more work.

I sampled the free green rubber and noticed a few things right off the bat. The rubber is a bit plastic like, but does feel like it adds a bit of slip. The rubber seems to be a little thin and did move around inside the channel of a 14" wagtail. I also normally run a hard rubber pulex in my wagtails so was not expecting too much from the green rubber. I switched it over to an Ettore channel and ran it a solid week doing my morning store fronts. It performed OK with my normal GG4 solution and was a bit better when dawn was added to the mix. By the next day, I figured it out and it really prefers a lot of water on the glass. I also noticed the rubber does dent when left too long inside your boab. The nice thing is that if you flip it everyday, the dent in the rubber will be gone the next day. I would like to see this in a hard rubber and a bit thicker as to not slide around inside the channel.