Shipping Update 28th April 2020

We are adjusting all the time to changes from China Customs and DHL (totally overwhelmed). As you may have seen, we had our delivery so smooth at 3-5 days, and then it all got more and more complicated! As a result of more stringent shipping rules from China (minimum despatch is 220 lbs / 100kg net weight per order), we have shipped our stock to our warehouse in Des Moines, IA for distribution for USA orders ... We had our shipping at 3-5 days and then China Customs stopped all pick-ups, while they introduced new rules. Many of our ‘small shipments’ despatched are being returned to us, so we have shipped a large shipment to USA to cover them ... Once we know that shipment is through customs, we are closer to being able to confirm the date. All going well, it’s maximum 7-10 days. If you have a high need, let me know by emailing me and I will do my best to have Jason (In Des Moines) place your order as a priority ...

Shipping Update 22nd April 2020

China Customs and U.S.A. Customs have issued new rules, we are updating our procedures so we can comply. We are currently at 10 to 14 days delivery times. 

Shipping Update 18th April 2020

Despatching within 48 hours.