PLUS Extensions are the key to the REACH-iT Pole Design - giving the best value when investing in a Water Fed Pole.

Adding PLUS B adds 8 FEET reach to TACTICAL.

Using the 80:20 RULE, we understand that you should focus your attention on solutions that increase your efficiency in the areas that you spend 80% of your time - namely Ground to 2 stories for RESIDENTIAL Window Cleaners, and Ground to 3 or 4 stories for Window Cleaners servicing COMMERCIAL Window Cleaning Customers.

When choosing your MASTER Water Fed Pole, choose one designed for 80% of the glass you clean, and then use extensions to reach the higher, less frequent windows.

Remember, you don't need to buy what you don't need today - if you own a TACTICAL, you can reach 55 FEET at anytime in the future.


In the REACH-iT Range, we recommend as follows: 

80%                              20%                         MASTER Pole                  Extensions

2 stories and below                                        REACH-iT MINI

2 stories                       3 stories                    MINI or TACTICAL           PLUS A

2 stories                       4 stories                    TACTICAL                        PLUS AB

2 stories                       5 stories                    TACTICAL                        PLUS ABB

3 stories                                                          WARRIOR   

3 stories                       4 stories                    WARRIOR                        PLUS A

3 stories                       5 stories                    WARRIOR                        PLUS AB


3 stories                       6 stories                    WARRIOR                        PLUS ABB

4 stories                                                          PRO

4 stories                       5 stories                    PRO                                 PLUS A

4 stories                       6 stories                    PRO/MOAP                     PLUS AB

4 stories                       7 stories                    MOAP                              PLUS ABB



PLUS B are made from an equal or higher modulus carbonfiber than the Master Pole, and are fitted in the middle of the pole - adding core rigidity where it is needed to the Master Pole as you extend it higher. 

Each PLUS Extension adds 8ft 4" EXTENDED LENGTH to your MASTER. PLUS extensions are 'inverted 2-part telescopic poles' which means you fit them into the Master Pole 'upside down'. 

PLUS B fits the TACTICAL between sections 4 and 5. PLUS A is a 5/4 extension.

PLUS B is made from HIGH MODULUS CARBONFIBER, the same as the top 60% of TACTICAL. 

We have discontinued our PLUS C (formerly 8/7 XT extensions) pole extensions because they add a disproportionate weight to the base of the Master Pole (twice the weight of PLUS A) and load the pole to flex more at the top when it is extended to extreme heights.

In place of PLUS C, we have released SHOCKSTOP , our Insulator Handle made from Kevlar, and weighing less than 1lb.


Remember, as PROFESSIONAL Window Cleaners, we know the maximum height we will be extending the pole to, so it is easy to plan which extensions you will need on any one job.


1  Remove sections 5-7 from TACTICAL 

2 Pull the yellow handle markings on the lower 'inner' section of PLUS B to expose 6-8" of pole - this sets the 'overlap' that supports the rigidity of your pole at extreme heights. The greater the overlap, the greater the pole rigidity. Close and adjust the clamp.

3 Open the 'top' clamp of PLUS B. insert section 4 from TACTICAL until you feel it stop. This means you have the same overlap as the amount of pole showing at the bottom of PLUS B. Close and adjust the clamp.

4 Raise the pole up, open the lower clamp, and pull the balance of the section 4 out of the PLUS B. 

5 To connect the rest of TACTICAL, put the section 4 of PLUS B into the clamp of section 5 of the TACTICAL until the overlap marking is fully enclosed, then lock the clamp closed.

7 Raise sections 5-7 of the TACTICAL -  with PLUS A, and PLUS B the total TACTICAL  is now around 45 FEET reach.


 Call our USA Team on 562-684-4928 anytime to discuss the right PLUS solution for you at this time. Remember, you don't need to buy what you don't need today - if you own a TACTICAL, you can reach 55 FEET at anytime in the future.

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Does not include CONNECT(click here) 

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