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    RHINO-CLAMPS are tried and tested Water Fed Pole clamps since 2014 with incremental improvements every year.

    The 2018 upgrades include changes that increase the clamp grip on the tube sections when closed, and a greater 'release' when open. 

    Water Fed Pole clamp design requires a high level of accuracy and proving in-field.  Since 2014, we have made over 30 incremental changes to our clamps to improve their performance.  Throughout it all, we have kept the 'look' relatively unchanged.

    The issues that we address in clamp design are: 

    Ease of Use

    RHINO-CLAMPS are a very easy to use clamp.  In particular, we have a 'positive affirmation' when the clamp is closed - you hear a 'click' sound when they are fully locked.

    The 'whale tail' design of the levers is designed to fit comfortably with the Operator's thumb in both opening and closing the clamps as our previous TUFF-CLAMPS had industry-typical small profile levers that were uncomfortable to operate.

    Snagging in Trees

    The 'positive affirmation' function is also our solution to preventing the clamps from being snagged and unintentionally opened when cleaning windows through tree branches.  Without this, any up-stroke or down-stroke with the pole in contact with tree branches could potentially open a clamp and leave the operator with no control over the pole.

    Vertical Grip 

    RHINO-CLAMPS are designed to withstand the forces of cleaning windows at extreme heights up to 80ft.  At this height, there is an excessive load on the clamps compared to cleaning at 2 and 3 stories.  RHINO-CLAMPS are designed to grip the Reach-iT Pole sections tightly so as to prevent any 'slipping' or shortening of the pole.

    Rotational Grip

    Water Fed Poles from most other manufacturers use fixed Water Fed Brushes with OFF-GLASS RINSE, as compared to Reach-iT with SIDE 2 SIDE at CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH, facilitating ON-GLASS-RINSE.  When an Operator cleans windows over 30ft with OFF-GLASS-RINSE, the pole has too much 'leverage weight' for the Operator to be comfortable to pull the brush away from the window, leaving the Operator with no choice than to 'twist the pole' in order to stand the brush on it's edge on the window frame so as to 'squirt' the rinse water across the window to effect a spot-free rinse. New clamps designs with 'shims'  are being released every year to reduce this particular  rotational slip that is often the draw-back of other Water Fed Poles.

    With REACH-iT Poles, whilst our clamps will withstand such rotational force, we developed a method of Window Cleaning (we call it The Reach-iT TECHNIQUE) and a new design of Water Fed Brush (we call it CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH).

    Using the REACH-iT TECHNIQUE and CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH, the Operator can clean with an ON-GLASS-RINSE, facilitated by the SIDE 2 SIDE swivel attached.  The swivel function tilts the CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH to make a 'fanning movement' possible.  To operate the swivel, the Operator simply twists the Water Fed Pole - to the left to tilt the brush to the left, and to the right to tilt the brush to the right.  There is very little rotational load on RHINO-CLAMPS when using The REACH-iT TECHNIQUE.

    Convenience when Compact

    When using other Water Fed Poles, when the poles are compact, the clamps are disorganised.  At REACH-iT, we designed ARROW-LOCK with a male-female relationship with the 'male' on the top of the lower clamps fitting snugly into the 'female' with an inverse arrow shape on the base of the higher clamp.  

    ARROW-LOCK also contributes as a mechanical lock to resist rotational torque when the pole is partially or fully compact. 

    Pull-Apart Sections

    Unique to REACH-iT is 'pull-apart-by design'.  Pull-Apart means a tube section can pull all the way through a clamp, meaning you can use 'part of a pole' on lower windows.  Most buildings have a 10-11 foot floor height, meaning the windows are usually 10-11 feet apart vertically.  Accordingly, we designed Reach-iT Poles to pull-apart one story at a time - 10-11 feet at a time.  To facilitate this design, REACH-iT Poles have certain sections that will pull apart, and other sections that will not.   RHINO-CLAMPS open up exactly enough to pull a 'pull-apart' section through, but precisely enough to block a non-pull-through tube section.  We do this because otherwise, the Operator uses too much thinking to prevent unintentional pulling out of sections. 


    A new set of RHINO-CLAMPS is just $99 (TUBE-RUNNER is included).  This is a very small part of your total investment in a 100% Carbonfiber Water Fed Pole. 

    Whilst we see other manufacturers glue their clamps on to prevent rotational slip, they are also denying the customer of the opportunity to replace the clamps when worn - they are, for all purposes, part of the tube section, thereby requiring you to buy a replacement carbonfiber tube.  Whenever there are two moving parts (the tube slides inside the clamp), one must wear - and the designer has to decide which should be sacrificial.  At REACH-iT, we make the RHINO-CLAMP from Nylon and Fiberglass  - they last a really long time but, when they are worn, they are replaceable one-at-a-time for as little as $8.95.

    To change a clamp, see below.

    Braking the Descent

     The RHINO-CLAMP lever design has three effective positions:

    FULLY OPEN: The lever will be open greater than 90 degrees to ensure the smoothest experience of the tube pulling out during the extending of the pole. 

    FULLY CLOSED: You can't miss this - the lever is flush with the clamp body and you heard a 'click' sound when the 'positive affirmation' lug clicks into place.

    70-90º:   When the clamp is not fully open, it is designed to partially grip the pole and act as a 'brake' when you are lowering the pole.  This is mostly going to affect the EXTREME WATER FED Operators, because the effect of gravity on a really long pole is quite noticeable and a collapsing pole will occur in split seconds if you don't manage the speed of the decent of the pole.


    The composite of PA66 Nylon and Fiberglass makes a very flexible and robust clamp.  We have customers using REACH-iT every day for 5 years with their original clamps, however, we like to think replacing your clamps every two years will ensure your pole always feels like new, and improved!


    When you first use your REACH-iT Pole, you need to 'set your RHINO-CLAMPS':

    1:  With the lever closed, tighten the finger as much as possible on a slightly extended section.

    2:  Twist the pole to sense if there is sufficient grip against rotational torque.

    3:  If you cannot twist the pole, it is right, and you can go to the next clamp.

    4:  If you can twist the pole, open the clamp lever past 90 degrees, and turn the finger bolt 1/2 turn maximum.

    5:  Close the lever and test for rotational slip.

    6:  Repeat 3-5 as many times as needed, but in additional adjustments, use a 1/4 turn of the finger bolt to get the precise 'sweet spot' - not too tight and not loose. 

    The RHINO-CLAMP design facilitates for the clamp jaws to open wide when the lever is open, thereby giving the Operator a very SMOOTH experience.  Because the jaws open so wide, an Operator can turn the finger bolt 1000º and more.  However, when the Operator then goes to close the clamp, its very tight.  If the Operator forces the clamp shut, with force that is beyond the design of the clamp, the stainless steel bolt is the sacrificial part - it will bend and the clamp will not grip properly until the bolt is replaced.  We do give you a spare bolt in the Reach-iT toolkit in case you need to learn this yourself. 


    In order to protect your true investment in high modulus carbonfiber, RHINO-CLAMPS are the 'sacrificial part' of all REACH-iT Water Fed Poles.  

    To change one or any clamp, simply undo the hex bolts (3mm hex tool supplied) and remove the clamp.  If you are only changing the clamp body, and keeping the lever, simply undo the finger bolt until  you can remove it and swap it over to the new clamp after it is fitted.


    Call our USA Team on 562-684-4928 anytime to discuss the right PLUS solution for you at this time. Remember, you don't need to buy what you don't need today - if you own a TACTICAL, you can reach 55 FEET at anytime in the future. You can also start with DI ONLY and upgrade to RO-DI any time in the future.


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    Have been using them since they came out. Great quality and easy to use.