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Window Cleaning, Soft Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Solar Panels

Get up to 36 Months of Warranty  and free Carbonfiber Insurance

on your Reach-iT poles by completing our online training

on pole maintenance and how to work faster and safer.

plus FREE Carbonfiber Insurance

36 Months Extended Warranty

Water Fed Window Cleaning

Reach-iT are unashamedly ‘the Professional’s Choice’ of Water Fed Poles.


Water Fed Window Cleaning is faster, safer and you can reach higher than you can using traditional window cleaning tools and a ladder.


For window cleaners who are looking to use Water Fed Window Cleaning on a full-time basis (professional use), Reach-iT will give you the greatest value for money.

Pure Water Filtration for Water Fed Window Cleaning

Wash-iT Pure Water Solutions are the best value in the industry.


Tap water leaves spots and streaks on windows mostly because of the minerals that are dissolved in the water. We call the concentration of minerals ’TDS’.  You can count the TDS  - the higher the number, the worse the spots and streaks on your window.


with Reach-iT Poles

with Wash-iT Pure Water Systems

Water Fed Pole Training

External Window Cleaning was once a trade for the brave ladder climber. Now, with our Water Fed Pole Training videos, everyone can be trained to clean external windows within a couple of hours, leveraging ‘squeegee window cleaners’ to focus on internal and hard-to-reach glass. These videos are ideal to help you succeed if you are new to our industry, and also for entrepreneurs looking to employ and train more staff to expand their service business professionally.