‘WHAT DO YOUR TEAM WANT?” - Help Us Crowd Design Your Tools!

You and your team work hard, everyday. And understanding how to work faster, better and safer is a huge priority. This is why we like to crowd design our tools. Having ears on the ground on the minor adjustments that make such a huge difference to your life. Sometimes, someone from the international community of window cleaners, comes up with an amazing product and we partner with them to bring it to you. The latest of these projects is GUNSLINGER, and it is a WINNER of an idea! However, to manufacture it takes a lot more work than most have considered.

GUNSLINGER is a hand made product made from around 20 pieces... It takes 4 hours over 5 days... A plastic injection BOAB is made by a machine - liquid plastic in, 15 seconds later, a BOAB pops out.

If we all behave like a community and realize we are INFLUENCING DESIGN when we speak both positively and critically - Richie Blue is listening - we talk every day - thinking, designing - making - testing.

We will make GUNSLINGERS - multiple styles - to suit the feedback!

If every window cleaner bought a GUNSLINGER, and have us feedback, by 2019, you will ALL have the ultimate Tool Holster for yourselves.

We are a CROWD SOURCED design team.

We know we got GUNSLINGER right for 80% of Window Cleaners, and a tweak here and there (like a sponge in the bucket ONLY if you want to carry up to 5 times more water than a Plastic BOAB can offer), we are at 90%.

Of course, the critical comments make it to Facebook - I LOVE THAT - I WELCOME THAT - I ENCOURAGE THAT - We are not afraid of TRUTH even if it is anecdotal.

I encourage everyone to BUY a GUNSLINGER TODAY and throw your opinion in the pot - help us develop the ultimate tools that get ALL OF YOU cleaning windows FASTER, BETTER, and SAFER!


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