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5-TOOL Squeegee Holster


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 The key to 3-TOOL and 5-TOOL is that the center cavity is for the MOP - meaning that any water that is 'squeezed' from the mop drips straight back into the bucket (3-TOOL is 5-TOOL without the loops on the outside). This means the water cannot drip down the front edge / clip. 

2024 UPDATE : we discontinued the hinge function of the BOAB, as, when we surveyed over 1500 of our customers, no-one took their tools out to open the hinge when you can just tip the whole BOAB up to empty it. MAY/JUNE 2024 ONLY : All REACH-iT BOABS ordered will come with a free KICK-OUT BELT CLIP valued at $25!

Note:  the 'TOE' of the holster.  The REACH-iT Holsters have 'bent up toes' like Dutch Clogs, and the SILENCER has a 'long straight toe going to a point'.  Our first generations had long toe design, and we got lots of complaints of leaking -  it turns out that a majority of them were with guys that were under 5FT9" tall!  When they kneel to clean ground glass, they were scraping the bottom edge on the ground and ultimately compromising the glued seal along that edge.  We bent the bottom edge up 1", and added a super strong steel/rubber edge so it is impossible to induce a leak, even if you are 5FT4" !


5-TOOL is a modern 5-TOOL design of HOLSTER for window cleaners who like to carry a Squeegee, a Mop, and 3 other tools (eg. a Ledger, a Blade and a scrim) - ideal for all WINDOW CLEANING.

Identical to the 3-TOOL structure, 5-TOOL has 2 extra loops on the outsides of the reservoir.  The mop cavity is a huge 2.75" (7cm) wide, and it’s in the center of two other cavities so there is no risk of water splashing over the front edge. 

5-TOOL is 100% PVC, giving you the ability to wipe down the outer, making it easy to always keep it clean and fresh in your customers eyes. This is a no-tip BOAB, you can remove it easily and empty it the same as a plastic BOAB.  The pack includes a sponge to baffle water, if you like to 'carry water'.

*MEGA-CLIP included.

*Maximum recommended tool size is 20".

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Buchmann

Wäre good

great in concept,

i was using the drywalker prior to recieving this product, after one day i gave the five tool squeegee holster away and returned to the product from moreman. i did enjoy the ability to carry multiple squeegees at once but did not like the fact they were constantly soaked, i found the actual BOAB to be very large on my leg and it was constantly getting in the way while i tride to navigate with this staped to me.

Eric Green
If you're a pro....a must have!!

This is the holster I've been looking for! At price that's affordable and well worth it. About to order 3 more for the boyz. Holds all sorts of tools, and I love the way it locks on and off the your belt. Well done Reach-it ..... thank you!!!

Cody Mayer
Really good concept almost perfect

The only two things that would make this bucket on the belt perfect would be if it had the ability to swivel where it is connected to the clip that way if it’s sitting forward on your belt it doesn’t tip when you bend over. Also if it had the ability to dump the water that sits in it without having to take all of the tools out of the belt to dump it. Something like the Mormon dry walker flex. Hope you guys have the ability to make some changes like this. I’m definitely going to be looking for them in the months to come from you guys!

Chris Macklam
5 tool boab

The five tool boabs works fine. I found it a bit heavy for the hip. Also if you are going to use the Ettore brass channels you will shred the inside of the boabs. I have been using duck tap to prevent it from cutting the insides.
This is the same thing for any of the PVC made boabs including the gunslinger.