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Our Aim when we started Future of Cleaning

Our aim in establishing futureofcleaning.com was to innovate, manfacture and retail the most innovative products firstly for the Window Cleaning Industry  - the best products, the best ideas, and the best prices.

We are continually endeavoring to innovate the best product range, and intentionally to not copy the mainstream logic of having a range of poles to confuse the Buyer

We assert that it is environmentally responsible to use a modular-scopic ( pull-apart telescopic) pole in all situations … such that you do not need to have one pole to clean each level ( did you know that a 10’, 18’, 25’, 35 and 45’ pole kit is actually over 135’ of carbonfibre tubing to service a height of only 45’ ?)

We believe we should only sell purpose engineered poles – with the highest Strength-to-Weight ratio possible ( strongest, lightest pole).

We stand behind the engineering decisions we have made with long warranties.  We hope you will put your faith in our commitment.

Any problems with ordering online or if you would like to ask any questions simply ring us on +86 18668882930 or email us at any time at questions@reach-it-poles.com

 futureofcleaning.com is a representation of Reach-iT USA,. LLC 

12036 BLUE RIDGE EXT, GRANDVIEW, Missouri, USA, 64030

It all began when :

In 2005, I was approached by a customer to import the Ionics Pure Water Equipment for Window Cleaning.  I was really impressed and, in January 2006, I flew to the UK and spent a week with Craig Mowlem, and his team at their Swindon factory.

Craig was my facilitator in the BWCA course in January 2006.

When I came back to Australia, I developed all types of pure water systems - including UV filters to kill legionella but, over time, I realised that our Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra water quality was many times better than the UK water quality, and that these complex methods of water filtration were unnecessary to achieve the Spot-Free finish.

 So it was -  the long journey began towards the SeCaDI  - the ultimate low-cost Pure Water System.

 But .. in 2006, we were ahead of our time in Australia .. I imported 250 telescopic poles, but all I could sell was the service of Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning.

 We started with a Trailer System and a set of poles .. and quickly built a 3 vehicle business in Sydney, working both the Macquarie Goodman sites (as they were known then) and all the Residential leads for VIP Home Services.

 By working in the industry, the simple myths were debunked.  By understanding the science of Pure Water, and the use-ability of telescopic poles I have been able to build a business that services the Window Cleaning business at both Entry Level, and Professional Level.

 We have built systems for Abseilers, Commercial Contractors, and Window Cleaning Companies.

 We welcome your enquiry.


By making a purchase from this site,

you agree to the Terms and Conditions:


 The acceptance of this website ‘catalogue’ includes the acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions:

 1. Variations:

a.  In the event of your official Purchase Order form contains special printed conditions, it is understood that such conditions are only binding in so far as they are not at variance with the terms and conditions contained herein, except if agreed to in writing to the contrary by a Director of BB.

b.  No variation to these Terms and Conditions of Sale is permitted unless such variation has been authorised in writing by a Director of BB.

c.  Reference herein to ‘goods’ shall include all goods and services sold to you.

2. Order Cancellation :

a.  If you wish to cancel an item on back order, you must email info@futureofcleaning.com that your back-order has been cancelled, and receive a reply confirming receipt.

b.  For the avoidance of doubt, items not listed in this Website Catalogue are non-cancellable and non-returnable.

c.  Requests to cancel an order for an ex-stock item can only be accommodated within one hour of the original order being received. Thereafter, the order will not be cancellable and any requirement to return the goods will be subject to the Returns and Handling Charges Policy below.  Once an order for direct shipment from us, the supplier, is in process, we are unable to either amend or cancel the request.

 3. Drawings and Specifications

a.   Whilst we pride ourselves for integrity, all drawings and specifications, dimensions and weights provided by us are approximate unless otherwise stated. Therefore, we accept no liability for damage or injury arising from any error or omission in the data provided.

 4. Performance

 a.   Any performance details given by us are based upon our experience and are such as we expect to obtain on test.  We accept no liability for any failure to achieve stated performance figures unless the performance data has been confirmed in writing by a Director of BB. You, the Buyer, assume responsibility for the capacity and performance of the goods being sufficient and suitable for your purpose.

 5. Complaints

 a. You are specifically required to examine the goods and any query relating to the delivery must be notified within 24 hours of receipt.

b. We cannot be held responsible for charges incurred by you in attempting to rectify or modify goods without our written agreement.

c. Any pricing or freight queries must be reported within 4 days of the date of invoice. No credits will be raised outside of this time period.

 6. Prices

a. All price lists, quotations and estimates are subject to alteration without notice, and goods may be invoiced at prices ruling on date of despatch, regardless of any price quoted on any purchase order submitted, unless agreed in such quote document.

b.   Freight and packing will be charged in accordance with the specification of service shown in this catalogue. Mostly, BB offers Free Airfreight Worldwide.  We reserve the right to limit this to a major port / airport in the country of the Buyer if the cost of Door to Door Road Transport locally is prohibitive within our profit margin.

 c.   Prices and charges are listed exclusive of GST or Value Added Tax, or Duties which may be added by prevailing local legislation.

 7. Special Contract Prices

a.    When special contract prices are agreed, we reserve the right to add 5% per month to the invoice price of any batch which is held on your instructions, or if payment is not made within the agreed period shown on the quotation.

 8. Legal Construction

 a.   All contracts shall in all respects be construed and operated as a Missouri, USA contract, administered according to Missouri law..

9. Despatch

a.    Any times quoted for despatch are from the receipt by us of an order to proceed, including clear funds paid. Elapsed times of despatch are submitted without liability for delay (however occasioned), whilst every effort will be made to achieve them.

 10. Free Shipping

 a.   This does not include VAT or Local Duties and Taxes as this is a Government imposed tax, not a product value.

11. Damage / Loss in Transit / Non-Delivery/Late Delivery

a.    It is your responsibility to inspect the goods promptly on arrival. Any claims for damage, non-delivery, and loss in transit or late delivery must be made within 24 hours of the delivery date. When signing for your consignment, it is your responsibility to check that the number of parcels being delivered corresponds with the number of parcels stated on the consignment note. If not, the note should be amended accordingly before signature. If the consignment is being delivered later than specified, it is your responsibility to write the time of receipt on the consignment note. If there is any apparent damage to the parcel, it is your responsibility to annotate the consignment note accordingly.

 12. Complaints in Relation to Deliveries

a.    You are specifically required to examine the goods and any query relating to the delivery must be notified within 24 hours of receipt.  We shall have the option of repairing, replacing or crediting the value of goods in respect of which we accept a complaint and thereby terminate our liability.  We cannot be held responsible for charges incurred by you in attempting to rectify or modify goods without our written agreement.  Any pricing or freight queries must be reported within 4 days of the date of invoice. No credits will be raised outside of this time period.

b.   Proof of any damages must be emailed to us within 24 hours of delivery to be covered under our insurance. Claims for damages made after this time will be purely at our discretion and not guaranteed.

13. Delivery Schedules

a.   Once an order has been processed and packed (varies depending on lead times and availability) the item is sent out using either of UPS or FeDex  or similar Courier Service. Once a product is in the hands of the Couriers we can make no guarantee about it's exact delivery time.

14. Back Orders

a.    If your item is not in stock, we will back-order it for you.  You will always be emailed with the option to cancel your order for that item if you would rather not wait.  We will send the back-order by air-freight at no additional cost to you.

15. Tax Costs

a.    All prices exclude GST or VAT and Duties

 16. Credit Card Security

a.    All credit card information inputted on this site is only seen by the processing bank.  We do not ever get to see this information.

17. Warranty

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18. Privacy Policy

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 19. Remittance and Ownership

 a.   All goods supplied by us to you remain the property of Reach-iT USA, LLC until the goods have been paid in full.  As a result of our continued commitment to provide goods of the highest quality at the most competitive prices, it may be necessary on occasions to supply goods that will differ from those depicted in this catalogue. We will never intentionally supply a sub-standard product.

b.    If the payment method supplied via this website or over the phone is refused, and the product has been dispatched, reasonable debt recovery schemes will be used to recover goods or costs incurred by the Seller 

c.   In the case of default, you, the Buyer agree to allow us, the Seller or our Agent to enter your premises where the goods are kept and remove same. You will be responsible to us for all costs incurred in reclaiming the goods.

20. Credit and Payment Due Dates

a.    Payment terms are strictly 100% at point of order unless otherwise agreed.    When there is an agreement in place for subscription payments, any sum not paid on the due date for any payment, will be considered a default on the agreement and at that time, all sums then outstanding from you will immediately become due and payable notwithstanding that such sums would not otherwise be due until a later date.

futureofcleaning.com is also a representation of Reach-iT USA, LLC