Refund policy


We do not offer a RETURN policy, instead, we reserve the right to repair or replace any item that is not performing to an adequate standard, once we see your photos or videos showing the issues clearly. 

As we make the market-leading water fed tools, the only reason most people have asked to return a product is because they misunderstood how to operate the tool. Use our  LIVECHAT or call us on 562-684-4928 to help you get the best understanding of how these tools work, and how they connect to other brands equipment.  We will have you cleaning windows Faster, Better, and Safer.


We do not have a refund policy for items that have been despatched. We refund undeliverable items


We willingly replace any product part that breaks as a result of a manufacturing flaw, subject to the customer providing photos and/or videos of the broken part as per our requirements at the time to discern the cause of the break or damage. 

If we are unable to discern the cause, we reserve the right to require the customer to return the product to the seller, the cost of which to be paid by customer or seller as determined by the customer's local laws, with the default that it is the responsibility of the customer. The seller will pay the shipping cost of the replacement or repaired product to the customer.

If any part has a manufacturing flaw, we will replace the part an unlimited amount of times as required until we can resolve the manufacturing of a new batch, and then replace it with the new model. If a customer is deemed to be abusing a tool such that it breaks, is replaced, and breaks again within 3 months, where we do not have another breakage from other customers, we reserve the right to limit the number of replacements of any given part to two (2) replacements (a total of 3 times supplied). 


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AUS Phone:  +61 (0)8 6225 2808

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