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Deep-Frame ROCKER Brush

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DEEP-FRAME ROCKER is the latest development in our 'HI-TECH REVOLUTION for Window Cleaning', meeting the need for cleaning DIFFICULT Commercial Style Windows FASTER, BETTER, SAFER... To clean regularly cleaned commercial windows, we recommend RADIAL BRUSH because it is better in the corners. 

DEEP-FRAME ROCKER brush is designed for use with any Pole.   Using a fixed angle adaptor mount, the Operator only cleans windows with an UP-DOWN MOTION, letting the ROCKING BASE pivot to accommodate for the change in angles, ensuring maximum agitation pressure remains on the glass at all times.

DEEP-FRAME ROCKER is available with a 12.5" and 16.5" BLOCK.  The construction is ALUMINUM, POLYAMIDE, and NYLON making it practically unbreakable in the hands of a 'normal' operator - surviving even the 'Neanderthal Test’. The smaller block applies more ‘pressure per square inch’ for difficult to remove debris, while the larger block covers more area with each stroke, and provides more lateral stability for the pole when working at greater heights.

Bristles remain on the top and bottom  of the brush to break the surface tension of the glass, so even HYDROPHOBIC glass behaves HYDROPHILIC (the water cascades on the down-stroke).

DEEP-FRAME ROCKER comes with 16 SCRUBS (4 styles x 3pcs, 4 styles x 1pc ) with SCRAPE and GRAB qualities to attack different types of pollutions, excretions and concretions on the windows. 

8 BASE JETS (fitted - optional to remove and replace with blanks) add water under the brush to increase the ability to pull dirty water off the glass with the bottom bristle blade, resulting in the Operator needing less strokes to achieve the desired result.

Fitted with HYDRO-BLADE II+, DEEP-FRAME ROCKER places the de-mineralised water where you actually need it.... in the corners, and all the way to the frames on the down-stroke, meaning you have SINGLE ACTION CLEAN - agitate on the up-stroke, rinse on the down-stroke.  

DEEP-FRAME ROCKER is designed for a flowrate (1/2 to 3/4 GPM or 2-3 lpm) the same as RADIAL BRUSH and ROCKER brushes so we highly recommend using HI-FLO TUBE (3/8” or 10mm OD) to reduce the tube resistance and maximize the flowrate to the brush.  By using a higher flowrate, you can work many times faster, ultimately using less water volume per window. 

Regarding the Operators’ Technique, DEEP-FRAME ROCKER is purely an UP-DOWN brush for DEEP-FRAME windows - the rinse bar will wet the top frame, but the water will not run back down the window, and there is rarely a build-up of dirt on the underside of the mullions (at 90 degrees to the glass) compared to low-profile frames which have much more surface parallel to the glass. 

Note: If you really need to dig dirt or spider webs out of corners, that's a job for RADIAL ROCKER. 


Customer Reviews

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Ryan's Window Cleaning
Love it!

I'd previously purchased the 22" Solar Rocker for cleaning panels. Loved the size of it but hated the drag. Wasn't saving me any time or effort so I invested in this! Much easier to move across the panels. 16.5" is my ideal size.

Jason Benefiel
Best commercial window cleaning head

It is a bit heavy but that adds to the cleaning power. So nice to clean 3 stories up and not have to pull the head off the glass to rinse. Love it!

Dru Casey
Amazing WF Brush

Excellent brush, thoroughly cleans the glass in both up and down strokes, with full pad remaining on the glass. Highly recommend the deep frame brush, it is amazing!

Jarad Cobaugh
Works inside too!

Purchased this for one nasty section of a building. Performed as I expected. The real reason for 5 stars is because you can transform it into the words most expensive magic eraser. Remove the bristles and bam! Those seven panels that were at the top of a 5 story entryway have never been cleaner. Especially since they had never been cleaned. Keep ‘em coming Perry.