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FLOW GOLD  : REVOLUTIONIZING THE RO-DI SYSTEM for Professional Window Cleaners

Not only is FLOW GOLD a STUNNING looking piece of equipment, it is highly intelligent as well!  FLOW GOLD is really simple to use - with both a 12V BOOSTER PUMP,  a 12V DELIVERY PUMP and an onboard 20AmpHr SUPER-BATTERY, your mind will start to boggle with the possibilities. 

No matter the conditions of every worksite in every season, FLOW GOLD is designed to maximize the flowrate of SPOT-FREE Water for Professional Window Cleaners.

Why did we make FLOW GOLD ? 

For Professional Window Cleaners, the current REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS are faced with many challenges as the site conditions change at every new job.  In addition, the seasonal temperature changes affect the performance of every RO system significantly - obviously more so to the Operators in the colder winter climates. 

As the industry follows our lead to the use of over-the-top rinse bars with 25 to 35 jets, the Water Fed Brushes require a significantly higher flow rate.   Till now, the best design for maximized flow rates is TRUCK MOUNT systems with the RO feeding a tank, and an independent DELIVERY PUMP to deliver the pure water against the resistance caused by reels, lengths of hose, gravity, tube, and the brush.

FLOW GOLD addresses all these issues and more, with an all new self-contained 12V mobile RO-DI system. Let's go through them one-by-one.


FAQ:  Can I operate 2 poles from FLOW GOLD?

Yes, subject to your water temperature and the resistance that you are adding.  At 75ºF (24ºC) water temperature, FLOW GOLD will deliver up to 1.25GPM (5.3LPM) of pure water for use by your operators.  If you water is cold temperature, like early spring, then the production rate will be lower, so you need to take this into consideration. 

FAQ:  Do I need to connect to 110V/220V power supply? 

No, FLOW GOLD is 100% 12 volt DC power supply.  If you use FLOW GOLD with our SUPER-BATTERY, you can operate FLOW GOLD with your battery charger (bought locally) 

FLOW GOLD Features


Until now, to maximize the production of pure water from an RO-DI, we would recommend a) a BOOSTER PUMP in front of the RO to maximize INLET pressure, followed by a TANK after the RO, to minimize the OUTLET back-pressure, thereby maximizing the pressure differential across the reverse osmosis membrane.  The TANK would be connected to a DELIVERY PUMP that handles the resistance from Reels, Hose, Tube, Gravity and the Brush Jet orifices.  It's hardly portable! 

FLOW GOLD has a 12V BOOSTER PUMP to maximize the INLET PRESSURE, especially when the water gets colder, the viscosity of the water is greater, and the pressure required is also increased. Directly from the DI outlet, is the 12V DELIVERY PUMP, drawing the flow rate of pure water, and delivering it, against the resistance of hose, tube and gravity,  to the water fed brush. 


BOOSTER PUMP to RO :  12V, 12Amp, 175PSI, 2.0 GPM (8.5LPM)

DELIVERY PUMP to BRUSH : 12V 7Amp, 85PSI, 1.5GPM (6.0LPM)

FAQ: What if I have a TANK in my TRUCK?  

FLOW GOLD has switch-activated SOLENOIDS that divert the RO-DI Pure Water to TANK, and you can connect your tank OUTLET to PUMP 2 (DELIVERY) for pushing the water through the TUBE to the BRUSH - exactly as if it were a TRUCK MOUNTED SYSTEM. This is particularly relevant for PRESSURE WASHERS and SOFT WASHERS.


A unique feature of FLOW GOLD is the (optional) internal SUPER-BATTERY that holds 20AmpHr of power, delivering up to 90 minutes of completely remote operation.  In addition, in the situations that you cannot operate FLOW GOLD from your vehicle (where your Deep-Cycle Battery is), and your job is more than. 90 minutes work; you can connect FLOW GOLD to EXTERNAL POWER (20Amp Smart Battery Charger) and charge and discharge at the same time without any risk of excessive heat being created.  In addition, it is worth noting the huge limitations of Li-Ion batteries when they are charged from a non-empty condition (their 1000 charge cycle status can be reduced as low as 300 charge cycles) - and know that our GOLD SUPER-BATTERY does not have this memory problem and will work up to 10,000 charge cycles. 


FAQ: Why would I get the SUPER-BATTERY for an extra $500 ? 

When we were Window Cleaners, we realized more than anything else that the cost of any tool failure is often 1000 times the actual cost of the tool repair.  In peak season, earning $600-$1000 a day, any failure costs HUNDREDS of dollars.  Portable Power is no different - think of the exposure to lost jobs when your smartphone battery dies.  And so it is with FLOW GOLD - whether it is that your main 100AMpHr+ battery fails to deliver, or you need to move FLOW GOLD to a remote location, or you need to drop off a worker and FLOW GOLD while you take your vehicle to repair, or to quote a job.  FLOW GOLD SUPER BATTERY will pay for itself in ONE DAY - it's just we cannot guarantee you which day, exactly. 


The standard setting for FLOW GOLD is 50% REJECTION and 50% PURE PERMEATE.  If, for ever reason, you need to generate MORE PURE WATER, we even have a nifty controller that you can dial in to get a higher flow rate to PUMP 2.  An example of this might be when you have an additional 200FT of hose/tube for a particular job. This will create a resistance that will reduce the flow rate.  By increasing the available flowrate for PUMP 2, you can increase the pressure and deliver more pure water to the brush. 


Connecting to mains power has always been a 'best of a bad lot' option for Window Cleaners. Mixing 110V or 220V with water systems is a 'managed risk'.  That is why we were determined to make FLOW GOLD a 12V system.  Now, if you need to connect to mains power, as a result of the reality of worksite dynamics, you can connect a 20A Battery Charger to mains, and the Battery Charger is connected with 20A DC to FLOW GOLD. The SUPER-BATTERY can safely charge and discharge at the same time.  


The ideal situation is that FLOW GOLD never leaves your truck - it's easier to run a hose to FLOW GOLD than running FLOW GOLD to an outdoor tap/spigot.  With this in mind, we are always going to be on the 'other side of the building' on every job.  That's why we chose a 3 mile (5KM) radio transmitter to turn PUMPS 1 & 2 on and off.  


REACH-iT has revolutionized the industry with a principle that our competitors have failed to comprehend, and accordingly, their tools do not deliver the same efficiency.  The key to cleaning windows faster is LOADS of WATER in the RIGHT PLACE! 

We developed the first real rinse bar, and evolved it to the RADIAL HYDRO-BLADE that places water exactly where to need it for on-glass-rinse in every down-stroke - nullifying the need for a secondary rinse phase in your water fed window cleaning technique. 

We identified and implemented the principle that rinsing with 1/2GPM (2LPM) increases the effectiveness of the rinse manifold, thereby making it possible to 'use more flowrate' and 'use less water volume' due the reduced 'time on glass'. 

In 2019, we changed all our customers to 3/8" OD RADIAL HI-FLO TUBE (10MM) to double the flowrate of 5/16" tube in identical situations. This has meant we can use the same flow rate across all our brushes including both 14" and 18" models.

The last bastion of this journey, was to make a PURE WATER SYSTEM that can deliver crazy volumes of water under all conditions - high or low inlet pressure (at the tap), cold or warm inlet water temperature, long or short hose/tube set-ups, cleaning at 1 story or 6 story ... NO MATTER YOUR JOB, FLOW GOLD is designed to perform with a maximum possible pure water output. 



LxWxH =  48cm x 47cm x 99cm   = 19" x 18.5" x 39"

Weight : 99lb (45kg) with SUPER BATTERY;  95lb (43.3kg) without SUPER BATTERY . 

The size of FLOW GOLD boxed is 59*55*114 cm for shipping (23"x21.5"x45").




1x 20 AmpHr Super Battery (optional)

1x Cable to charge Super Battery with alligator clips

1x Cable to operate FLOW GOLD from Marine Battery (alligator clips). 




NOT INCLUDED: SMART BATTERY CHARGER - buy locally with 20Amp charge capacity. 

*FLOW GOLD is inspired by Peter Thomas in Perth, Australia

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Top quality product where everything has been thought through. Lots of extras in packaging to make it worth the payment. Great quality and won't need an upgrade ever as it's the best system on the market