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G-FORCE was released in 2023 and is now the best  tool for Window Cleaners cleaning from the ground up in 2024.  


G-FORCE is not a Brush.

G-FORCE is not a Hand-Tool (but it can be used as one).

G-FORCE has an all new technique for FASTER window cleaning. 

G-FORCE has 6 different SCRUBS - and that is why you are on this page : 


 E-FORCE is our new Low-E Glass Tool Set.  E-FORCE also comes with a technique.  Cleaning E-Glass is not fast - and use the wrong tools on the glass, and you void the warranty, potentially triggering an insurance claim against you that your insurance company may not be happy to cover.

Accordingly, you can only use :  SOFT CLOTHS and MICROFIBER.

MICROFIBER (used correctly) 'grabs' dirt and holds it - that is what makes microfiber special - it can even grab and hold bacteria!  So the first E-FORCE SCRUB (Step 1) is to use a long-loop (increased surface area) microfiber to grab the dirt off the window.  

We need to use a fine mist of water (or water and iso mix) as your 'surfactant ' to get the 'grab' microfiber to slide across the Low-E surface. Inevitably , this pad leaves a super fine film of water after each pass which, when the water evaporates, leaves a very fine film of dirt on the window that can often only be seen at sunrise and sunset.  

This is why Step 2 is critical - it is a 'polishing' of the window with a dedicated glass polishing microfiber, and no water.  This is why the microfiber of choice for Step 2 is a 'shiny' microfiber.  


Whilst it is true that a lot of the time, you can clean French Panes (Cut-Ups) with an all bristle brush - that works when you are removing the likes of salt spray and dust,  but not if you need to remove debris that does not respond to water and bristles.  That is when the HYBRID AGITATION of ULTRA-LITE brushes comes into action.  6" and 8" FRENCH PANE Brushes are, in fact, mini ULTRA-LITES, so the SCRUBS you get are what we call 'SCRUBBIES' because they are so small.  Small is not bad, by the way, as the smaller the surface area that has a force applied, the higher the pounds per square inch pressure is applied to the other surface.  


All SCRUBS and SCRUBBIES are in packs of 9 unless marked otherwise with a number in brackets eg. (4) means 4 in a pack. 

ALL NEW TOM CAT : An incredibly (somewhat miraculously) amazing 'grab' agitation scrub - especially for BEE POO!  Reputedly, better than the GREEN RUBBER HULK! 

CARBORUNDUM :  This is the most aggressive SCRUB only, and should be used only on standard glass - be careful on treated and special glass.

WHITE NON-SCRATCH : This is standard non-scratch SCRUB for windows and glass.

GREEN RUBBER : This is very good to get 'sticky' debris off glass, like Bee Poo.

MAGIC ERAZER : This is for sticker residue and silicons.

MICROFIBER : If you ever need to add detergent to a window to clean hydro-carbons, or organic bio-waste, you need the microfiber SCRUB. 

Click through the SCRUBS to see magnified images of the SCRUB material. 


Customer Reviews

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Marcel Smit
Very aggressive scrubbing pad.

This is a more aggressive scrub pad then a white none scratch pad. For the right occasion its a really good scrubpad like glass.
But be careful for alluminium frames and other fragile objects because it will scratch.

Frank Weil
Hands down the best tool

Hands-down the best!