Reach-iT is the CUTTING EDGE of the INDUSTRY

Where the next-generation products are released! 

Reach-iT is proud of so many 'firsts' :

  • The first 2-part reverse telescopic pole extension
  • The first water fed pole that pulls apart one story at a time
  • The first stainless steel END DEFENDERS to immortalise your carbonfiber poles
  • The first insulator handle for Carbonfiber Poles
  • The only company that has only sold 100% CARBONFIBER Poles to Professionals
  • The first brush designed and manufactured ONLY for Window Cleaning
  • The first rinse bar that facilitates ON-GLASS-RINSE
  • The first brush that turns HYDRO-PHOBIC to HYDROPHILIC during cleaning
  • The first brush that can add SCRUBS with a range of AGITATION
  • The first TDS METER designed for WINDOW CLEANERS to check TDS at the brush
  • The first SAFETY HANDLES for improved ergonomics on Commercial Glass
  • The first FLAT HOSE that is non-kink, self purging and lightweight.
  • The only to include PRISM safety glasses with every pole
  • The first GUNSLINGER tool holster designed in USA by Richie Blue