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NOTE :   For delivery in Australia, call Peter Thomas on 0417 979 767.

We do have stock in USA. For international orders, please contact Customer Service first in LIVECHAT  for a shipping quote, along with your full order plan.  

RADIAL HOSE REEL is a stainless steel hose reel with either wall or floor mounts (you can remove the reel easily if you need portability) with a capacity of over 300FT (100M) of HOSE/TUBE.

If you order REEL ONLY, please note that the adapting of the REEL to your personal choice of hose and tube is not an area of customer service that we can gain expertise and therefore we cannot offer it. Should you be unsure, please buy RADIAL REEL pre-fitted with HOSE or HOSE/HI-FLO.   

To help understand the meaning of HOSE vs TUBE, a HOSE has multiple layers in the wall (usually two layers of a plastic sandwiching a braid for additional pressure thresholds) whereas a TUBE has a single layer wall of plastic (in the case of HI-FLOW TUBE, it is PU).

We designed all RADIAL Brushes to match the ideal flowrate for maximum performance.  This is 1/2GPM / 2LPM (we call this 'HIGH FLOW') for RADIAL and ROCKER BRUSHES  and either HIGH FLOW, or LOW FLOW (1/3GPM or 1.5LPM) for RADIAL LITE and RADIAL ULTRA-LITE Brushes. 

We designed FLOW RED+ to maximize the flowrate possible from an RO-DI SYSTEM with both membrane technology, and the internal plumbing design.  At 100PSI, FLOW RED+ can deliver 1GPM (3.8LPM) with 70ºF (20ºC) water in. Between the filter, and the brush, the hose has 'resistance' that has a cumulative effect to reduce the flowrate - this is why it is so important to have a high flowrate RO-DI system.

Between the FILTER and the BRUSH, we have two challenges.  

GRAVITY (5PSI head per 10FT (3.5M) which we cannot change.  The effect of cleaning at 40FT is a 'back-pressure' value of 20PSI.  

HOSE WALL RESISTANCE : The thinner the INTERNAL DIAMETER (ID) of a hose, the greater the resistance in the hose. The longer the hose, the greater the cumulative effect of the resistance. 

With this in mind, REACH-iT have developed a balanced water delivery hose for long run applications. The outer diameter is 5/8" (16MM), and we can calculate the ideal ID of hose and tube to deliver the target 1/2GPM at the RADIAL BRUSH. 

This is the science behind RADIAL HOSE - its science - and, to make it better, it is UV resistant, non-kink, and high-vis.  

If you have a reel, or you do not want a reel, you can invest in RADIAL HOSE only. If you have a hose you like, but not a reel, you can invest in RADIAL REEL only.  If you are looking to extend any of your REACH-iT packs (all with 75FT (25M) HI-FLO TUBE) to 300FT (100M) reach, then we have a super discount on the REEL, HOSE, and another 75FT HI-FLO TUBE to give you a total reach of 300FT - and it all fits easily on the RADIAL REEL.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
tim shubat

Absolute LIFE changer!! I work in mountain town with very uneven rocky terrain, with the reel, you plug in once! and get ALL the way around a house and sometimes 2, HA

Gavin Long

Fantastic hose the best we have used great flow rate and very sturdy.

Cobey Harris
Hose reel

Works great and is easy to move

Hamid Malik
New Reels!

Quality Construction, excellent distance, hoses reel up quickly, great water flow even at 300ft! Very happy with the purchase and the product! We bought 2 of them!

Jonathan Barrick h2oTEKS
Great portable hose and reel

Nothing but good things to say about this. It is lightweight which makes it easy to handle. Being so lightweight though comes with two down sides. When winding the hose up you really have to use you feet to hold the thing still. That is totally fine and having it lightweigh is worth for moving around is worth that side effect.

However the side walls of the reel are so lightweight and thin they get bent very easily. If those were a little thicker for durability this would be a 5 stars item.