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  • MINI Master Pole: 100% Carbon Fiber 
  • 100% Standard Grade


For those .... that .... just want a MINI 

MINI is an awesome pole for ground to 3 stories - basic RESIDENTIAL work, and GUTTER SCRUBBING.

What is the length of the Mini Pole?

REACH-IT MINI is 25ft actual length, giving you 30ft reach (compare to other brands marked '30ft') and it pulls apart at 14ft and 4ft to make a lighter, more nimble pole as you clean lower.

Customer Reviews

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Jose Ramos

REACH-iT MINI 'Pole Only'

Tom Hay
Great pole not too heavy not too light

I have the original mini still and loved it. It has been though a lot. To the point the collars were worn down. This one is a replacement for the old ones. I love the new clamps on this pole design as it’s much easier to use.

Scott Fowler
Perfect residential pole

My only regret is not buying this pole 6 years ago. I have a Prius and it fits in perfectly. I also like it for lower level windows. The base never hits the ground and it’s very easy to maneuver in tight spaces or heavy vegetation. I was using top section of longer poles but damaged the bottom and also forgot it a couple times at homes. I will definitely be buying a couple more of these.

Marc Kunze

I have been a professional window cleaner for over two decades and am the owner of Pure Light Window & Gutter Cleaning Santa Cruz. After spending 17 years cleaning windows using only traditional methods, I took a huge leap of faith and invested into Pure Water Window Cleaning. I knew that the initial investment into a Pure Water System and a Water fed pole was going to be substantial and thus I did massive research to make sure I was getting the best money could buy. My own research along with endless encouragement from other window cleaning companies in various communities lead me straight to Future of Cleaning and specifically Reach-it products. Looking back, I can say without a doubt that purchasing the Reach-it Mini along the Wash-it Pro was the single best investment I have ever made for my business. The benefits associated with Pure Water Technology is simply mind blowing. I have always been a perfectionist and had real doubts about the quality I could expect from cleaning a window with a brush on a pole from so far away and with zero soup, squeegee, towel etc. Well to my amazement, the result I quickly experience was without a doubt far superior to the traditional methods I had relied on for many years. Homes that I had cleaned for years instantly looked better than ever before. I was suddenly able to complete those same jobs in half the time which resulted in an instant raise of 50% or more. Additionally, I was able to let my customers know that they had just received a tremendous upgrade, as I was now offering them a 100% Green Clean along with the cleaning of their frames at no additional cost. My regular customers were themselves completely convinced once they saw the finished product. How about the simple fact that the Reach-it Mini made the use of a ladder almost obsolete. I used to drive up to homes to give estimates and saw the magnitude of the ladder work that for me was out of the question. When I was confronted with homes with super high windows that were extremely dangerous to reach, I would simply pass. With the introduction of the WFP I was now am able to take these jobs as they can be safely completed from the ground. Honestly, I could go on and on, not to mention Solar Panels. For anyone currently in the place I was in those many years ago, this post is for you.....Your at the right place to make your purchase and Perry Tait along with his staff love nothing more than assisting customers through the entire process.

Marc Kunze/Owner

Jeremy Bull

MINI Pole Only