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BEAST LITE is a new brush by popular demand for those that want a BRISTLE BRUSH with extra AGITATION. 

Those that love boars hair LOVE their BEAST LITE!

Remember - the secret of boars hair is the increased surface tension (or friction co-efficient) from using the SIDES of the bristles - if you need bristle tips, nothing can beat high quality nylon!

Now - to get to use the SIDES of boars hair, you cannot pack it in so tight like nylon bristles - this is the error in the Broom-Style brush - it's nothing like the original boars hair brushes of old.

Now a brand new BEAST is like a lady straight out of a hairdresser with a ton of hairspray - it looks perfect, bristles are firm and inflexible... But a WINDOW CLEANING BEAST is like a woman straight out of the shower (watch the mental picture lads) - hair is soft and bedraggled!

When a BEAST LITE is wet for 3 minutes, it absorbs 30% of its own weight in water, making it super soft. Now add the RADIAL BRISTLE BLADES design and you can see each blade has the space to flip and flop, increasing the contact area of the SIDES of the bristles with the glass, thereby 'grabbing' more debris (when grabbing is more effective than bristle tips 'scratching at' the window surface.

CHAT GPT : Boar’s hair is known for its unique properties, particularly its ability to absorb water. While there isn’t an exact quantifiable measure of how much water boar’s hair can absorb, its natural structure makes it highly effective at retaining moisture.

1. Absorbency Characteristics: Boar’s hair is highly absorbent due to its natural, porous structure. The hair’s cuticle layer can hold significant amounts of water, which makes it effective for applications like paintbrushes, where retaining moisture is crucial.
2. Comparison with Other Fibers: Compared to synthetic fibers, boar’s hair absorbs and retains more water. This is why it is often preferred in brushes used for cleaning and painting, as it can hold and evenly distribute water or paint.

Typically, this is ideal for areas of UK, CANADA, and the desert areas of USA like Nevada and Arizona.  Each operator has their real experience that cannot be argued.. and so .. we give you .. BEAST LITE!

Customer Reviews

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Gino Da Rosa
Great Brush

This is my second beast lite and it never disappoints. We run 12v pumps to feed our poles and the flow is great and the scrubbing power is great. Its a quality product!!


brush works well seems that the bristles need to be longer all the way around and as the brush gets more used to upper bristles block the rinse bar flow. but over all the guys seem to like the brush better than others.

Jonathan Barrick h2oTEKS
Great scribing brush and very light weight

This is the best brush today that we’ve worked with has excellent scrubbing power as light weight, which is great for 4,5,6 stories up and the rinse bar on it works really well.

After trying one we have outfitted all rigs with the same brush.

Mike B
Great Brush

Nice and light and work great on glass that is not done regularly.