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BEAST LITE is a new brush by popular demand for those that want a BRISTLE BRUSH with extra AGITATION. 

Made with 100% BOARS HAIR, the key to understanding this brush is realized after soaking it in water for 3 minutes .. the hair changes from stiff like nylon, to soft … the same as happens when we wash our hair … 

When the hair is soft, it’s not cleaning the windows with the ‘bristle tips’ like nylon bristles, but rather with the irregular ‘sides of the bristles’ with a higher friction co-efficient, meaning it can ‘grab’ debris that cannot be ‘scratched’ like how nylon bristles work.

Typically, this is ideal for areas of UK, CANADA, and the desert areas of USA like Nevada and Arizona.  Each operator has their real experience that cannot be argued.. and so .. we give you .. BEAST LITE!

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Barrick h2oTEKS
Great scribing brush and very light weight

This is the best brush today that we’ve worked with has excellent scrubbing power as light weight, which is great for 4,5,6 stories up and the rinse bar on it works really well.

After trying one we have outfitted all rigs with the same brush.

Mike B
Great Brush

Nice and light and work great on glass that is not done regularly.

Robert Lesser Crystal Clear Maintenance
Beast Lite

I bought several brushes from you guys, and I use this 90% of the time. I live in the San Francisco Bay area. We have a lot of trees and spiders and the boars hair has the best effect on these windows. It’s nice that it’s so light. I’m hoping that you make the French Panes Brushes Boars hair as we have plenty in these areas and I’ve been sharing with others that have purchased your superior brushes.

Zsolt Linkecs
Love it.

Light weight ,great water flow makes life a lot easier.

Andrew Naeger

Great brush.