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SCRUBS : for WINDOW WEAPON (discontinued) and TRAD PAD


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Please note : if you want SCRUBS for RADIAL ROCKER and DEEP-FRAME, search SCRUBS and choose that product.

If you have a TRAD PAD, choose WINDOW WEAPON 12" SCRUBS.

SCRUBS are designed to bring the TRAD experience into a Water Fed Brush i.e. sometimes you need to use a more aggressive agitation method to get debris off the window, into solution in the water, and off the glass.

There are 3 ways to agitate glass - SCRATCH, SCRAPE, or GRAB.

NYLON BRISTLE brushes SCRATCH at the debris on a window - bristles are ideally at 30-40º to the window on the outer, and at 90º to the window in the center, for maximum agitation. If a brush is too stiff, or too soft, you will not get an effective 'scratch' from the bristle tips (it is the bristle tips that do the agitation)

BOARS HAIR brushes GRAB at the debris on a window.  Once wet, the boars hair becomes soft and flexes on the glass.  The edges of the bristles have a high friction co-efficient, and they drag across the glass, grabbing the debris in this agitation action.

A TRAD Window Cleaner will also carry MICROFIBER, WHITE NON-SCRATCH PAD, BRONZE WOOL, STEEL WOOL, MAGIC ERAZER and more, to increase the efficiency of the AGITATION Phase of a window clean. 

The ultimate tool was SCRAPERS, or BLADES, that SCRAPE the glass. By running a blade angled at 30-40º off the glass, parallel along the glass surface, the blade will get 'under the debris' and lift it without scratching the glass.

Using our WINDOW WEAPON Technology incorporate SCRUBS to maximize the SCRAPE and GRAB on RADIAL BRUSHES.

5 SCRAPE SCRUBS are : White Non-Scratch Pad, Steel Wool, Bronze Wool, Stainless Mesh, and Blue Metal.

3 GRAB SCRUBS are: Microfiber, Green Rubber, and Magic Eraser. 

The top bristle blade of all REACH-iT Brushes are there to break the surface tension of the glass, guaranteeing a water squeegee effect, ensuring all HYDROPHOBIC glass behaves like HYDROPHILIC on the down stroke. The bottom bristle blade to pull the dirty water off the glass on the down stroke. 

All SCRUBS can be detached and re-attached to the double-hook Velcro base plate so you can re-use them and interchange them, rather than making them one-time-use.


Here are some product descriptions and applications to get you started :  

WHITE NON-SCRATCH SCRUBS - WHITE NON-SCRATCH material is a proven agitation tool for traditional window cleaners, and it is an obvious evolution to include it for Water Fed.  This is a medium-aggressive SCRUB to maximize your every-day efficiency, and have you cleaning windows FASTER, BETTER, SAFER.  

Small SCRUBS for 12" and 14" brushes are around 12 inches square on the glass to standardize and maximize your pounds-per-square-inch pressure (as proven with the Reach-iT BRONZE Brush) - it is the perfect match of useable surface area, and the efficiency of cleaning as much glass as possible with each stroke. Smaller SCRUBS would allow more pressure, bigger scrubs would reduce the pressure possible from the operator on the glass. Larger brushes have 30% more surface area, meaning you need to add 30% more force to get the same agitation effect on the window.  

STAINLESS STEEL WOOL and BRONZE WOOL  SCRUBS  - BRONZE WOOL  and STAINLESS WOOL are a proven agitation tool for traditional and water fed window cleaners, and it is an obvious evolution to include it in your brush.  This is an aggressive SCRAPE SCRUB - not prone to oxidize (rust), meaning it will last longer on the glass, and not lead to staining. These scrubs are not like soft steel wool - the strands are all parallel to the glass - this is how they act like blades on the glass.  These SCRUBS will maximize your agitation efficiency on very dirty glass, and have you cleaning windows FASTER, BETTER, SAFER.  

STAINLESS STEEL MESH SCRUBS - STAINLESS MESH (we call it THE CHEESEGRATER) is designed for ‘scraping’ caked on dirt, artillery fungus, paint overspray, sticker removal, and other, until now, impossible concretions to remove with Water Fed.  

This SCRUB is based on the 'Brillo' scrub used in industrial kitchens - it is a very fine and sharp blade running parallel to the window, scraping off some of the most difficult debris. 

 BLUE METAL SCRUBS -  BLUE STEEL is ‘sharper’ than STAINLESS MESH, with a tight knit ‘blade’ effect, as the fine stainless steel strands are tightly woven through a blue polyester fabric.  This is a very aggressive SCRUB to maximize your efficiency, and have you cleaning windows FASTER, BETTER, SAFER.  

 MICROFIBER SCRUBS - MICROFIBER is great at ‘grabbing’ dirt, however, being tight knit, it may not flush itself - meaning it can trap debris like grains of sand, and scratch glass.  MICROFIBER is ideal for windows that are dirty from petrochemical pollution.    Add a squirt of non-streaking detergent like GG4 to the MICROFIBER SCRUB to break down the organic pollutants, and clean the window like normal.  

GREEN RUBBER SCRUBS - This SCRUB is unique because it is like a WHITE NON SCRATCH pad, but it is a 'Grabber', not a 'Scraper', and unlike MICROFIBER, it can self-flush in the event of a grain of sand being in its path.   Most commonly preferred for BEE POO  - GREEN RUBBER SCRUB removes both the bee poo, and the waxy residue underneath.

MAGIC ERASER SCRUBS - Silicones, and Sticker Residues have always been impossible for Water fed Window Cleaning. With MAGIC ERASER, even these, can be removed.  Note : usually, more agitations are required when dealing with these non-water-soluble pollutants on the glass.

Disclaimer:  Certain treated glass surfaces (e.g. E-Glass and transparent polymer panels) will scratch with any abrasive pad. We rely on your knowledge and professionalism to test each glass surface before using WINDOW WEAPON. This SCRUB pad can be used on true glass without scratching. Be careful to not pick up debris in the pad, as debris can scratch glass. Please note by using this SCRUB pad, you accept responsibility for your choice of SCRUB on any glass surface and you hereby indemnify the manufacturer against any claim for damage to glass surfaces. 

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john AYAN
Best scrubber ever.

More aggressive then bronze wool. Love it. Doesn’t scratch any glass. A plus

Charles Johnson

Very good

Sean Feeney

Great quality