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with ONE YEAR'S SUPPLY of raZor Blades!

Z-FORCE revolutionizes the Window Cleaner's raZor blade.

Ergonomically, the window cleaner's razor blade has been tough on rotator cuffs, and wrists - however, it is the tool of last resort for removing difficult debris from windows in a traditional sense.  

If the 'difficult-to-clean window is out of arms reach, then you are required to work from heights, and take on the additional risks (and insurance / workers compensation premiums) that this entails, regardless it is from a ladder or a scaffold.  

The process of using a razor blade on windows also leant itself to being improved.  One definition of efficiency is 'combining two or more tasks into one' -  so imagine if we could combine all four steps into one :   1) wet-up with a mop / steel wool, followed by 2) the razor blade, followed by 3) the mop again, followed by 4) the squeegee.

Z-FORCE is a pole-mounted, water-fed 4" raZor tool.  For nose-2-glass, Z-Force can be easily removed from the pole as a hand tool using the quick release REACH-iT Straight Pole Stem.  

As the angle of the pole will change from window to window, depending the geography of the worksite, Z-FORCE has a 40 TEETH ANGLE ADAPTOR built in, so you can set the angle of the blade, taking into account the angle of the pole to ensure the most effective cutting action. 

FAQ : Will Z-FORCE fit my Water Fed Pole ?   

Yes - No matter you own a Gardiner, Tucker, OVA8, Facelift, or any of the 'sticker brands',  as long as you already have a 40 TEETH angle adaptor / lever mechanism (eg. Gardiner, Tucker, OVA8), you can connect your Z-FORCE to your pole.  Of course, there is also included a pole adaptor for REACH-iT Poles, should you own one, or plan to acquire one later.

FAQ : Will Z-FORCE work with my preferred Ettore or Unger 4" blades? 

Yes - we include an adaptor for both Ettore and Unger 4" blades with your Z-FORCE.

 FAQ : Did I read correctly  - it comes with A YEAR's SUPPLY OF BLADES ? 

Yes - we have sourced a double-sided razor blade that matches the industry standard.  To make Z-FORCE incredible value, we have included ONE YEARS SUPPLY of Z-BLADES - that is 260 double-sided blades.  Check your supplier and compare - that is over $200 worth of blades** included with Z-FORCE or you could say : 

"GET Z-FORCE FREE, with a years' supply of blades!" 




260 x Double-Sided Carbon Steel Blades 


*Z-FORCE is inspired by Kai Chinn, in Seattle, USA.


Z-FORCE is not available through Distributors till full mass production in Jamuary 2024


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