If, for any reason during the BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND SALE, you do not choose the STORE CARD for better value, we offer up to 15%OFF any purchase (just type ‘NO-STORE-CARD’ in the Discount Code field in check-out to learn the cash discount applicable to your cart).  

The only product in store that does not have a cash discount is G-FORCE, albeit, G-FORCE can be purchased with a STORE CARD. 


Get a STORE CARD for $1000 for any order over $2000 

Get a STORE CARD for $250 for any order over $1000

Get a STORE CARD for $100 for any order over $500

And, for the BIG SPENDERS, get a CARD for $2000 for any order over $5000  


STORE CARDS are issued based on online purchases in futureofcleaning.com.  ONE STORE CARD is issued per purchase.  Multiple purchases cannot be added together to create a bigger store card, and one purchase cannot generate multiple STORE CARDS. 

STORE CARDS are issued in December 2022 and are valid from January 1st 2023 till May 31st 2023 with the vendor who issued the card to you (if a REACH-iT Distributor, with the Distributor).

When you go to use your STORE CARD, it can be used for all products in the store except ATOMIC RESIN, and except products that we do not ship to certain locations (eg. RADIAL REEL outside USA / Australia).  For example, if a Canadian customer ordered a RADIAL REEL to a Canadian address, we can decline the order. 

A STORE CARD may only be used once.  Any unused portion of its face value is not able to be redeemed at a later date.

STORE CARD values cannot be applied towards 3rd party costs like Duty, Tax, or Shipping.

A STORE CARD is not transferable and should not be ‘sold’ - it is linked to the original buyer only, with a unique identifier code.

 The 2022 STORE CARD CAMPAIGN is unique and cannot be used with any other promotion or discount code.  If you use a DISCOUNT CODE in CHECKOUT, your purchase is not eligible for a STORE CARD. 

To use your STORE CARD, add your desired REACH-iT tools to your cart at www.futureofcleaning.com and go to CHECK-OUT.  In Check-Out, you will see a field for ‘Coupon Code’.  Enter the unique identifier from the back of your STORE CARD in this field to see the value of the store card deducted from your total purchase. 


To support our customers with weak currencies (which make a RADIAL ROCKER over $500), we will honor each STORE CARD in the currency of the sale. If you are using Canadian, Australian, or NZ dollars, your sales are treated as face value and your store card also.  

For example, if your currency is USD$1  = $1.50, then you would qualify for the $1000 STORE CARD by spending just USD$667.00.  The currency of the sale in the store determines the STORE CARD issued.

As always, we reserve the right to decline a sale with or without a STORE CARD  in the event the ACTUAL cost of shipping is unreasonably higher than the quoted shipping in our store, and the Buyer chooses to not pay the actual cost of shipping.  The STORE CARD retains it’s value in this event, while the Buyer works out how to get a cheaper delivery address.  Classic examples of this clause applying are : Remote Islands (eg. Guam, and some locations in Hawaii), Remote Countries (eg. Small countries in Caribbean), and some countries in South America.


Outside of USA, most countries apply an Import Duty and/or VAT style Tax on all imports, or on imports over a certain value.  As we must declare the true retail value of goods in shipping, our store cannot collect the correct Duty and Tax when the STORE CARD is applied to a purchase, and then we cannot charge the Duty and Tax back to REACH-iT - the buyer will need to pay their local CUSTOMS by credit card to the DHL CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT in the local country prior to delivery.

If we charge Duty or Tax in our store, we will refund the ‘incorrect value’ for duty and tax applied to your purchase in futureofcleaning.com with the STORE CARD, and mark your shipment ‘RECEIVER TO PAY DUTY AND TAX’.  


This page is the FULL and FINAL definition of the REACH-iT STORE CARDS.  

Any understanding to the contrary is not correct. Any statement perceived by anyone as being spoken by any person, that conflicts with the definition on this page, regardless they are representing REACH-iT,  the perception is incorrect. 

We feel the STORE CARD is a very generous and fun campaign, and we hope we can really enjoy fulfilling orders in 2023 for a ‘second hit’ of fun and great value.