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PRESSURE WASHER's Spot-Free Windows 'Upsell Pack'

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    REACH-iT MINI 100% Carbon Fiber Pole


    CHECK-IT: TDS Meter

    PRISMS: Safety glasses

    2 x DI TANKS (Resin not included)

    Please Note: Does not include DI RESIN, or  CR2450 battery due to air transportation regulations. USA customers will receive with battery from our warehouse in Kansas City.

    We Recommend: Sealing the battery compartment with electrical tape.


    When you have already cleaned the windows and the frames with your pressure washing or soft-washing service, you will leave spots on the windows from the tap water.  

    To remove this, all you need is REACH-iT MINI, and Pure DI WATER - 10 seconds per window, and you have yourself the perfect clean! 


      REACH-iT is the only company that has developed a Brush 100% for Water Fed Window Cleaning.  RADIAL Brush is the only brush that can cascade the rinse water on Hydrophobic Glass, guaranteeing a perfect spot-free finish in every down-stroke. Most of your work is well achieved with our RADIAL Brush.  However, if you have non-water-soluble concretions, excretions, or pollutions on the glass (BEE POO, ARTILLERY FUNGUS, SPIDER POO etc) then your Pressure Washer will not have cleaned the window  - and that's when you bring out RADIAL ROCKER - with aggressive SCRUBS ranging from MICROFIBER to STAINLESS MESH !  This addition to your kit guarantees you will deliver spot-free windows under ALL conditions!

      REACH-iT MINI is 100% Carbonfiber - guaranteeing you accuracy and precision on the glass, especially as the pole is effectively an 'axle' between your wrist and the SIDE 2 SIDE swivel on the brush. A cheap pole will flex and you will spend more time fighting the flex and whip, than you will cleaning windows.  

      DUAL DI TANKS produce Ultra-Pure Water under all conditions. The higher the TDS of your local water, and the higher your flow rate, the more it costs, however, if you are starting out, don't worry, we train you on The DRIVE-THRU CARWASH METHOD - using tap water for the major clean (like they do in your carwash) and only using the DI WATER for a final spot-free polishing of the windows in 5-10 seconds per window!

      REACH-iT is focused on raising your hourly rate, and we encourage you to buy a professional tool from the start.  A lot of window cleaners buy cheap and think they will upgrade later.  The reason is that a lot of window cleaners are happy with $75-100 per hour, and that hourly rate is just not exciting to a Pressure Washer!   Using a REACH-iT and the REACH-iT TECHNIQUE we will have you cleaning windows 10 times faster than a traditional window cleaner and 4 times faster than a cheap water fed system with a pencil jet brush.

      Other applications for Reach-iT MINI is GUTTER SIDE CLEANING, SIGNS CLEANING, and ALUMINUM SIDING CLEANING.  After a while, you will be out there selling WINDOW CLEANING as a service, and then, you can extend MINI up to 5 stories with PLUS A and PLUS B extensions. 

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