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HYPE LIGHT is a new product from our factory that is designed for Auto-Parts stores, however there is a real application to EXTEND DAYLIGHT for the MOBILE CONTRACTOR Industry. 

HYPE LIGHT connects to the most popular tool batteries  - just choose your option in checkout.  Whether you have MAKITA, BOSCH, DEWALT or MILWAUKEE (sorry, no RYOBI) TOOL BATTERIES, you can use HYPE LIGHT.  Our logic is a multi-function light that can be portable for in-hand use, and also as a fixed light source from the ground for daylight extension when completing a cleaning job. 

In the case of extending daylight with HYPE LIGHT on a work site, you would set two or three HYPE LIGHT (battery down) to reduce shadows, and angle them as required up to highlight windows up to 4 stories.  This ensures the ground is lit, for worker safety - and the buildings are lit for knowing you are cleaning effectively. The hazard light has a separate switch so you can use it to protect the HYPE LIGHT from any vehicular traffic.

When in-hand, hold the handle of HYPE LIGHT with the battery up - and you can use it for roadside assistance, searching for tools in the dark, using the hazard light for your personal protection.  

To make life even more convenient, HYPE LIGHT is fitted with a USB PORT so you can charge other gadgets like your phone directly from your tool battery. 

Other HYPE LIGHT applications are CAMPING, SECURITY, BACKYARD LIGHTING, and of course, ideal for POWER OUTS.  You even get a yellow filter that fits to HYPE LIGHT to reduce the attraction of mosquitoes, and red filter to reduce help keep your pupils wide if you are needing to 'see in the dark'!

Delivering over 1000 lumens of bright light, you can use HYPE LIGHT everywhere for instant daylight. The array is FLOOD LIGHT format - see the videos to see the lighting effect  - SPOT LIGHT format is also available on request (MOQ 10).

HYPE LIGHT also makes an AWESOME Xmas / Holiday Season gift of appreciation to your major clients -  it's a genuinely unique product that every home would benefit from. This is why we are offering up to 96 unit price. If you want an even bigger quantity and price break please reach out directly to Perry at

Delivery Time : 14-21 days - please choose 'BUDGET SHIPPING' option in checkout.

Coming soon is HYPE LIGHT VEST  - it's like an IRON MAN vest -  the HYPE LIGHT is mounted on a chest plate, and the battery is mounted on your belt.  It is ideal for Snow Removal, Security Guards, Rail Inspectors, Crowd Control, Accident Attendance, and Hunting (Camo Vest). 

Customer Reviews

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Its Worth the Hype

Highly Versatile, Easy to Handle and Adjust. Gets all the angles needed.
For such a small light, its very bright making dusk&dark window cleaning much easier, even at heights!
I like the feature of the orange blink light / handle for safety, when working off footpaths/roads.
It now lives in the Ute. Love it for camping too =)
Definitely recommend!

SB - Clear Vantage
Hype Light

Very handy to have around and doesn't drain the battery fast. It has a strong, sturdy design and I think it would be hard to break.

Seth Ferguson
Pleasantly surprised

The Hype light is very… light! Lightweight, that is, haha; and bright as well. The stem for the warning/hazard light makes for a convenient carry handle, and I like that the lamp has an adjustable angle. Thanks! : )

Rob Scott
Hyped on HYPE LITE

Can't say enough about the versatility of this light. Since its arrival, I have used it in numerous situations both day and night. It has more than plenty of lumens to provide ample coverage area for working after sundown, it's a major game changer and tool. Carry it inside your vehicle or trailer, suitable for window cleaners and pressure washers alike. "I'm hyped on HYPE LITE" !