3 x GLASS FIBERSCRIMS (31"x23") (80 x 60cm)





The MAGIC FABRIC - Microfiber is a ‘grabber’ of dirt and debris on any surface, so it has so many applications beyond being a lint-free SCRIM for Window Cleaners!

However, today we will talk about the application for Window Cleaners - and we hope it will pay you to know all there is to know about a quality MICROFIBER!

When we talked with our customers in our FACEBOOK Group ‘ADVANCED WINDOW CLEANER NETWORK’, about what they want in a SCRIM, they mentioned ;




for applications WET WIPE and DRY WIPE …

So we sourced the best MICROFIBER available and sent it out for testing in October 2019 - the feedback was overwhelming: “PERFECT”

We have two fabrics for you to test and experience the difference;

BLUE: (typically a glass polishing microfiber) that holds 2.8x its’ weight in water.

GREY: Side A is a glass polishing weave, and Side B is a looped weave, holding 3.8 times its’ weight in water. Looped weave has more surface area, which makes it more absorbent, and also means it dries faster. Jimmy Jones reported back “The one grey microfiber lasted me THE WHOLE DAY!” Byron Guest cut his in half, and reported back “ I wore one half on each hip clip - for DRY, I had the polishing side out, and for WET, I had the looped side out - the same CLOTH served both purposes perfectly!”

Now we are sourcing other microfiber weaves for you to test in different applications and we will bring them to you soon - the choices available to our industry are so limited both in fabric, size, and shape.

Join the REVOLUTION of Window Cleaning tools - we are CROWDSOURCING your experience and turning it into a RANGE of products to suit INDOOR, OUTDOOR, TOUCH-UP, and TECHNIQUE applications. Tell us your preferred size and shape, and comment on the performance of the fabric - we can listen, think, design and make new samples in our factory.

And then, we will empower you to offer THE HIGHEST QUALITY MICROFIBER PRODUCTS to your customers for all their household applications - after all, you WILL be the MICROFIBER EXPERT!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Microfibre cloth

I’m very happy with my new microfibre clothes, I especially like the corners that allow the use of pole as before I had to try and wrap my scrim around the pole and it would inevitably come off. Good quality microfibre is used as well.

Best microfibre detailing cloth I’ve used

The cloth is a great size for me as it double as a drop sheet when working around computers, desks etc. it details the edges very well, and whilst I would normally change out my detailing cloths every day or two, this microfibre cloth will last me a whole week before it needs washing.

1st time use and impressions are good

So far ive only used them on the few jobs i have before my next round of residentials comes up. I have been using large zwipes waffle weave micros and scrims but this towel may replace them. Ill be using it more and should post back. Just saw the email asking for a review so just giving initial impressions.


Have been using them for a couple of days now and have performed better than expected. They last drier than normal microfiber and are very easy to attach to a pole to touch up a top corner due to the little pocket fitted in the corners


These microfiber cloths are of the highest quality and I love,love the size ...35"x24"I have so many applications which I have been using for.