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RADIAL HI-FLO TUBE: either 75ft or 150ft

10:10 PUSHFIT: enables you to connect any two lengths of HI-FLO

10 PUSH-FIT to GARDENA MALE (gives you the flexibility to connect to any fitting with GARDENA FEMALES)

COLLAR LOCKS: prevent any PUSH-FIT from coming open unintentionally.


HI-FLO can be used along the ground for 75-150 FEET to have a more convenient delivery hose, AND up the pole right to the #1 clamp, or straight to your RADIAL brush! 


RADIAL HI-FLO is 10mm (approx 3/8") OD tube.

REMEMBER : The longer the tube or hose, no matter the ID, the less flowrate will be available at the brush, so always use the shortest practical length, transporting water with the largest practical ID.  Typically, stepping down the ID over distance preserves flowrate better (so use 150FT (50m) 5/8" (16mm), then 150FT (50m) 3/8" (10mm) over long distances).Our target is 1/2GPM (2LPM) at the RADIAL BRUSH. 


This pack is designed to give you the maximum flowrate through HI-FLO TUBE to your RADIAL brush.

 If you choose 150FT, we give you another 10:10 PUSH-FIT ADAPTOR so you can cut HI-FLO into two lengths (eg. 75/75 or 100/50) and easily re-join them for longer run situations. Remember to reconnect and use the COLLAR LOCK CIR-CLIPS to avoid unintentional disconnection.

HI-FLO is designed for delivering more water to all RADIAL BRUSHES. We know categorically that you can USE LESS TIME by using more FLOW-RATE during the ON-GLASS-RINSE phase.  Overall, if you accelerate your work at a higher rate than the increase in flow-rate, you will actually USE LESS WATER VOLUME.

You CAN use HI-FLO on a reel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Bill Roberts
Wetter's Better

My guys love the better water flow with the “Hi-Flo” Tube! We ordered the “Hi-Flo” and the “Beast Lite” boars hair brush at the same time to add to our existing reach-it arsenal.
7 Months ago we purchased some used equipment from a fellow window cleaner who had to shut down due to health reasons; our guys were testing his Tucker Boars Hair brush just to see if there were any advantages, once they tried the “Beast Lite” from “Future of Window Cleaning” they are no longer interested in the other brush.

Very good solution for longer distance

I like it because, sometimes I need to extend my tube to 220 or 350 feet. And with the booster pump I can do it. Almost no pressure lost in the end of the tube.

David Shoemaker
Must have upgrade

I upgraded my 8mm tubing to this 10mm using a radial rocker. The 10mm gives a significant increase in water delivery to the glass. I can now do jobs previously impossible to get enough pressure from. And others I don’t have to use my pump on. Worth the price.

Barry Coffman
Radial hi flo tube

Very helpful to supply extra water for rinsing

Santiago Medina

Its so awesome to not have to lug my garden hose when I need extra length. Water pressure is good.