2020 Clamps for all Reach-iT Poles

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2020 CLAMPS offers maximum grip for rotational and longitudinal security.  What this means to you is that, once you set the clamps, you will never need to adjust them.  REACH-iT POLE CLAMPS have had a complete overhaul to deliver the following benefits :

ERGONOMIC FINGER BOLTS: The new finger bolts are very ergonomic to use and make the process of adjusting the clamps more natural. What's extra smart about these new finger bolts, is the tension adjustment is happening 'inside' the finger bolt, giving you a very aesthetically pleasing REACH-iT POLE.

SET & FORGET: With our 2020 clamps, any adjustment will be remembered permanently, using a SPRING inside the jaws, and mechanical locking discs between the finger bolt and the outside of the jaw.

SMOOTH ACTION: The CAM LEVER has been modified to a smooth action which helps with the adjusting and also with 'braking' the pole in descent.

PINCH-FREE: We have added a 1/4" space between the clamps in the closed position and beveled the ALIGNMENT ARROW.

MECHANICAL LOCK: Whilst the ALIGNMENT ARROWS ensure your REACH-iT Pole always looks amazing when it is compact, it is also a tight 'mechanical lock' for when you are using the pole with any section compacted, adding to the security of your protection in the event of a rotational torque load.

WHALE TAIL LEVERS: We kept the whale tail levers the same, to give you an easy match with your thumb when opening, and a long lever arm for when closing.

ROTATIONAL STRENGTH: Whilst there is barely any rotational torque on a REACH-iT CLAMP as a result of using your 'twisting of the pole' to activate the lightweight swivel action of SIDE 2 SIDE and PIVOT, we have adjusted the tolerances of the clamps to maximize the grip on the pole sections.

RETROFIT COMPATIBLE: No matter you bought a REACH-iT POLE in 2012 thru to 2019, the 2020 CLAMPS are compatible, so you can upgrade your pole to be the same as our 2020 release, for just $99.

HI-FLO TUBERUNNER: As all our new brushes are designed for the higher flowrate of HI-FLO TUBE, and as we upgrade all our existing customers to HI-FLO TUBE, we have also upgraded TUBERUNNER to be for HI-FLO (and RHINO-TUBE compatible).


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Tim Ginn
Best clamps so far.

The clamps keep the pole locked in place and they don’t loosen off as the older versions do. The tube runner works great the old ones are crap in comparison.

Geert Cools


Dan Steele

Good product. Does what it’s supposed to.

Todd Foor
The best

Got my R it mini going again

SB - Clear Vantage

I switched over a couple weeks back to these new clamps and they are a thing of beauty. Clamping/un-clamping is now effortless and I haven't need to bring the pole down again to re-tighten them either. Plus with the slightly updated design I don't keep pinching my fingers between the clamps while retracting the pole.

In short, these are a fantastic upgrade!!!

Thanks for the design guys!