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3-TOOL Squeegee Holster


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2024 UPDATE : we discontinued the hinge function of the BOAB, as, when we surveyed over 1500 of our customers, no-one took their tools out to open the hinge when you can just tip the whole BOAB up to empty it. MAY/JUNE 2024 ONLY : All REACH-iT BOABS ordered will come with a free KICK-OUT BELT CLIP valued at $25!

The key to 3-TOOL and 5-TOOL (3-TOOL with two added loops on the outside) is that the center cavity is for the MOP - meaning that any water that is 'squeezed' from the mop drips straight back into the bucket.

Note the 'TOE' of this holster.  All REACH-iT Holsters have 'bent up toes' like Dutch Clogs, compared to the 'long straight toe going to a point'.  Our first generations had long toe design, and we got lots of complaints of leaking -  it turns out that a majority of them were with guys that were under 5FT9" tall!  When they kneel to clean ground glass, they were scraping the bottom edge on the ground and ultimately compromising the glued seal along that edge.  We bent the bottom edge up 1", and added a super strong steel/rubber edge so it is impossible to induce a leak, even if you are 5FT4" !


3-TOOL is the most modern design of HOLSTER for Window Cleaners who like to carry a Squeegee*, a Mop, and another toll like a Ledger -it's ideal for all WINDOW CLEANING - especially 'inside and out' guys who do not want anything too bulky.

The mop cavity is a huge 2.75" (7cm) wide, and it’s in the center of two other cavities so there is no risk of water splashing over the front edge. 

3-TOOL is 100% PVC, giving you the ability to wipe down the outer, making it easy to always keep it clean and fresh in your customers eyes. This is a no-tip BOAB as it is fitted to your belt with the MEGA-CLIP, you can remove it easily and empty it the same as a plastic BOAB.  The pack includes a sponge to baffle water, if you like to 'carry water'.   

*The maximum recommended squeegee size is 20".

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely dripless! and very comfortable!!

Steven Gardner
Awesome buy!!

I love the look and handling of this holster, it’s made very well and does everything it’s supposed to. It’s a little more bulky to what I’m used to but your also holding an extra tool. My only big issues with this holster is that I’m a smaller guy and my channel gets caught in my shirt which never happened before with other holster. Overall it is a sleek looking holster, and I’m excited to see how it performs in this upcoming season.

The Best

Great holster!

Jared Kane
Amazing BOAB

I've only had it for a short time, but the time I have spent using it has been fantastic. Way better than other BOABs on the market currently.

Ashley Griffin
Comfortable and durable

Recommended! Easy to put on and take off, secure, dripless