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Solar Panel cleaning is good business - it pays for both you and your customer. 


SOLAR ROCKER has been developed from DEEP-FRAME ROCKER - available now as 16.5" wide, and 22" wide.

Included in this pack :





75FT RADIAL HI-FLO TUBE (optional)

Please note:

SOLAR ROCKER is fitted with a locking PIVOT gooseneck. The other goosenecks are designed for the REACH-iT Poles.  They may or may not fit, or be able to be adapted to other poles. 

As the effectiveness of the SCRUB of choice is determined by the total surface area and force applied, 16.5" will be more aggressive than 22", however, 22" will cover half a standard solar panel width, thereby reducing the number of stroke actions from multiples of '3 x 16.5"' to multiples of '2 x 22"'.  Applying force to solar panels is not the same as to windows as the panels are at an angle, and often you are cleaning from the ground.  

Most Solar Panel Cleaners do not understand ARC (Anti-Reflective Coating) on some solar panels - you can recognize it by the 'matt' surface - it is not as reflective as plain glass.  ARC is a nano-coating that increases the solar gain of a clean solar panel by 4%.  ARC be easily damaged by overly aggressive brushes or SCRUBS. This is the reason we released the SILICON SCRUB for SOLAR ROCKER - this is a soft SCRUB that has a high friction co-efficient to 'grab' dirt off the solar panels, and it is self-cleaning, so it will not drag debris across the panel surface. Of course, not all debris can be removed with SILICON SCRUB, so we include other, more aggressive SCRUBS in the kit.  Even we want to protect the ARC, the problem is that a dirty solar panel can reduce solar gain by 20-80%, so it is, in fact, more valuable to the building owner to have clean panels, even at the risk of slightly damaging the ARC. 

SOLAR ROCKER uses a flowrate of 3/4 GPM (3 LPM) as there is always a lot of dirt to pull off the glass, and as the angle of the panel is not vertical, the water does not flow as fast. To help get the dirty water off the panel, we have added 4 'BASE JETS' to the each side of the underside of the brush, so there is more water to pull off excessive dirt in the downstroke.

Remember that PIVOT on the SOLAR ROCKER is able to be set at a negative angle, and with our HDG ADAPTOR (included) you can be cleaning panels from the apex of the roof, with your rinse bar on the 'high side'.

The key to efficiency is always in reducing the length of distance your brush travels and the amount of force required to effect the change.  This is why it is really important to get the agitation and rinse right, and match it to the brush size.  There is no point doing 10 strokes with a 12" bristle brush that needs four overlaps to get from one side of the panel to the other, when you could do three sets of 2-3 strokes with a 16.5" SOLAR ROCKER, or two sets of 2-3 strokes with a 22" SOLAR ROCKER.  

Remember we need FLOWRATE to make rinse efficient - that is why we designed SOLAR ROCKER to use RADIAL HI-FLO tube  - it is 3/8" OD (10mm).  Usually, we recommend anything longer than 75FT should be 1/2" or 5/8" (12-16mm) hose, however, if you have great pressure, you can use up to 150FT of RADIAL HI-FLO.  


Listen to Perry give the 'ho-down' about Solar Panel Cleaning here : 


To see more videos about SOLAR PANEL CLEANING, visit our REACH-iT WORKSHOP YouTube (click here)



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Works Great

Perfect size and function, on difficult solar installations it is my new go to option.
Thanks for your all your help, love the warrior pole.

aaron welch
Works great!

Too hard to reverse head for working above the panels. Bought 2nd one so I can have one set for ground water fed pole cleaning and one for when we have roof access.

Paul Campbell
Works great.

For now I’m using this tool with a 1.4 GPM pump. Had it set to 70(PSI) on my 5/16 tubing. This is under the recommended pressure and flow but it worked fine. I’ll eventually add larger tubing and pump because I think it would speed up cleaning. The other tip I’d add is to be sure and research your pole and the attachment to the tubing. I jimmy rigged it out of three adjustable goose necks (euro thread) to get the height and angle…this also is temporary until I get the right attachment. This is a great tool and the sweeping bristles do an affective job of flushing and dragging away heavy soiling. It in the technique demonstrated on reach it’s demo videos.

David Gonzalez
Top of the line brush

Love it! Amazing results
3 years using Reach-it brushes and the SOLAR ROCKER is our favorite

Martin Gonzalez
Solar brush

I love it would buy again